Saturdays 9PM E/P | New episodes begin August 11 only on Animal Planet

Episode Descriptions

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tank

World Premiere Saturday, August 11, at 9 PM (ET/PT)

Wayde and Brett build tanks all over the world and have acquired an impressive client list along the way. When they receive a call from Emmy Award-winning comedian Tracy Morgan about a custom fish tank for his home, they realize this may be their biggest client yet. Wayde and Brett are excited to meet Tracy and start the build, but when they discover he wants the large tank to fit in his tight basement, they know they’re in for a huge challenge. The ATM team decides to build the tank on site, but Tracey’s over-the-top humor makes it difficult for them to focus. Back in Vegas, Wayde and Brett are approached by a kid who is looking to cut a deal for his own tank. The boy’s ambition is inspired by the school-bus tank Wayde and Brett created for his school, and the ATM team jumps at the chance to help him out.

For Love of the Game…Or Money?

World Premiere Saturday, August 18, at 9 PM (ET/PT)

Wayde and Brett get a challenging request from their good friend NFL linebacker Bart Scott. Bart has two blank canvases and enlists the ATM team to turn them into a spectacular bi-level Koi fish pond complete with waterfalls and lighting. Wayde and Brett are up for the challenge, but the build is complex. They must fashion two curved pieces of acrylic, so the ponds can be seen at eye level. Can they come through for the NFL superstar, or do they fumble? Later, a caller requests a unique build, and Wayde and Brett must construct an eight-foot-tall, 500-gallon tank. The build seems simple enough, but a square vault must surround the tank so it can hold sharks.

Flying High and Sinking Deep

World Premiere Saturday, August 25, at 9 PM (ET/PT)

Wayde and Brett receive a call from a successful manufacturing company in Chicago that is looking to add a massive L-shaped tank above a second-floor staircase in its office. The company rolls out the red carpet for Wayde and Brett and flies them to Chi-town on its private jet. The star treatment sends Wayde and Brett’s heads over the clouds, but when they arrive, the company explains its expectations, and Wayde and Brett come down to Earth. Later, owners of a Philadelphia-based, Caribbean-themed restaurant want an interactive window tank with remote-controlled submarines. Wayde and Brett think the tank is going be a piece of cake, but the ATM team must ensure this tank doesn’t turn sour.