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Wayde King

CEO, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

Wayde KingWayde King’s love of fish began at an early age. With Wayde being born and raised in Long Island, New York, his first memories included his mother and biological father, who was a fish dealer, and had multiple tanks in the basement of his home. At 14, he was cleaning aquariums in Long Island with his stepfather, Shelly, and over a decade later, he moved to Vegas to work for another company, building and selling aquariums. The move to Vegas led to the building of a tank for a family that possessed the only thing he loves more than fish: his wife, Heather. Heather’s father, Irwin, recognized Wayde’s zeal for fish and partnered with Wayde to help him hone his expertise of tanks and fish into a successful business.

Today, Wayde is living his dream designing and manufacturing some of the largest and most extravagant acrylic tanks in the world. But this isn't just a business, it's a family adventure. By Wayde’s side are his wife; his brother-in-law and chief operating officer, Brett; and his father-in-law. Working with family has been very challenging, but regardless, Wayde is happy to share the stress and success with the people he loves the most.

Wayde’s love of animals doesn’t stop at fish. In fact, it’s hard for Wayde to name an animal he doesn’t love. At home he has a Victorian bull dog named Prada and a Presa Canario named Rolex. At the office, two tabby cats and four large macaws roam freely throughout the warehouse. When Wayde is not working, he often is found scuba diving in his free time. On Wayde and Heather’s honeymoon, they went scuba diving in Hawaii and on their second anniversary scuba diving in Mexico. When it comes to fish, Wayde is an expert and a perfectionist. With over 34 years in the business, his goal is to not only keep the customer happy but the fish as well. Wayde’s passion and persistence have brought the business to new heights, and he hopes one day his daughters will be able to enjoy working in the legacy he’s created.

Brett Raymer

COO, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

Brett RaymerBrett Raymer is the COO of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), and you couldn't build a tank big enough to hold his larger-than-life ideas and personality. Originally from Brooklyn, New York and ever ready to take on a new venture, Brett jumped at the opportunity to help his family create their tank-building dream in Las Vegas. Wayde and Brett started the company before Wayde and Heather were married and the company is still thriving. Known for his ability to wheel and deal and his somewhat impulsive confidence, Brett has brought Wayde some of his most loyal clients. Though some days Wayde wishes Brett would slow down, Brett believes that if you can dream it, ATM can build it. He said seeing the face of someone enjoying a tank is priceless.

Growing up, Brett went to Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn. He excelled in athletics including tennis, football and swimming. Now, Brett prefers sports...from the sidelines bringing his years of experience and enthusiasm to coaching his daughter’s volleyball team. He is a single dad, and when he’s not caring for fish and fish tanks, he’s spending time with his two children, Kayla and Bryce.

Heather King


Heather KingIt would be great if all Heather King had to handle at ATM was the books. But working alongside her father, brother and husband in one office every day is a little more than an average day job; it’s clearly a labor of love. Heather is the absolute love of Wayde’s life and handles all the accounting at ATM. Seeing Wayde in his glory doing what he is most passionate about makes the struggles of mixing business with pleasure well worth it. Heather knew a lot about accounting when she started, having run her father’s machinery business for a few years, but she was in the deep end when it came to fish. Luckily she has watched ATM grow and expand since the doors opened over 14 years ago and has picked up much of Wayde’s expertise. Heather loves to dance and spends much of her free time with their two daughters, Taylor and Morgan, who are both competitive and award-winning gymnasts. She hopes ATM will one day become a legacy for their two daughters to continue to enjoy and expand.

Robert “Robbie Redneck” Christlieb

Resident Marine Technician and Plumber

Robert ChristliebRobert has a tenacious and sometimes stubborn personality. After working at an acrylic company in Colorado, he decided to move to Las Vegas. Desiring to continue in his field, he ran across ATM and called Wayde to see if he was hiring. That was 14 years ago; it was a perfect match, and he truly couldn’t picture himself anywhere else. Clearly the most serious of the crew, Robert is responsible for putting together the ins and outs of each tank. But don’t let the straw hat and easy-going attitude fool you; he is very particular and extremely committed to perfection, often residing in a trailer home right outside the warehouse throughout the week to make sure things turn out right. Wayde and Brett have affectionately nicknamed him “Redneck”. His unforgettable demeanor makes him an easy target for the ATM crew’s day-to-day joking; but at the end of the day, they unanimously agree he’s the best builder they have and trust him to execute the job.

Agnes Wilczynski


Agnes WilczynskiThe fish business is a booming one, and Agnes Wilczynski knows how to bait a hook. Agnes has a background in hair design and ironically was working in sales at a local Ferrari dealership when she met Wayde. Her original goal was to sell him a Porsche, but Wayde’s passion for his work inspired Agnes so much she sold him the Porshe and became a member of the ATM team. Agnes is responsible day to day for handling incoming calls and coordinating with designers to estimate job costs and create quotes so that ATM can bid on jobs. Wayde and Brett consider her a kid sister, but her role coordinating some of their biggest projects is no small matter.

Irwin Raymer

Office Manager

Irwin RaymerIrwin, aka “The General”, saw a spark in Wayde that led him not to only want to partner with him and start the ATM business but also to introduce him to his daughter, Heather. By nature, he is happy to lay down the law when needed to keep his family business strong. Irwin also owned his own business for several years selling machinery, so Wayde and Brett trust him with operations and rely on him when it comes to solving difficult problems. At ATM, he is known as “the fixer” and brings a knowledge and wisdom to ATM that is irreplaceable.

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