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Ultimate Treehouses

Treehouse expert Pete Nelson guides a dream tour of exotic homes, resorts and hideaways nestled in the dazzling heights of trees around the world. Follow Pete as he circles the globe in search of the biggest, tallest, and most sensational treehouses, including the spectacular Mirror Cube in Sweden, the multimillion dollar Alnwick House in England, and the 15,000-square-foot Minister’s Treehouse in Tennessee. Join the treehouse revolution and see how far treehouses have evolved in form, function and style.

Treehouse Masters

“Twenty-Ton Texas Treehouse”
Friday, May 31 at 10PM ET/PT

In search of more living space for their growing, multi-generational family, a Texas couple asks Pete to create a ranch-style treehouse in the hackberry trees on their sprawling property outside of Waco. Pete rises to the challenge and delivers one of the biggest treehouses he’s ever built – a 75,000-pound house adorned with a traditional Texas exterior and a contemporary and luxurious interior complete with a full bathroom, a kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and a flat-screen television, where the entire family can gather together.

“Luck O’ the Irish Cottage”
Friday, June 7, at 10PM ET/PT

An Irish family in Orange County, California wants to bring a taste of the homeland to the States and has the perfect olive tree in its backyard to nestle a Celtic-themed cottage. Pete and his team devise a challenging, circular design, a cobblestone exterior, a grass roof and a custom-made rainmaker to mimic the wet Irish climate. Handcrafted furniture with intricate Celtic detail accompanies a peat-burning fireplace to help cozy up the traditional Irish treehouse and gives the family a place to relax, play and embrace its roots.

“Sky High Spa”
Friday, June 14, at 10 PM ET/PT

Pete has the opportunity to create his first treehouse spa when the owner of a peaceful ranch retreat in Austin wants to expand…into the trees. Challenged with an intricate plumbing system and space issues, Pete and his team attempt to bring serenity to a Texan oak tree with a private massage area, steam shower and Japanese soaking tub, along with plenty of tranquility.

“Treetop Taphouse”
Friday June 21, at 10PM ET/PT

Looking for a unique place to showcase its specially crafted beer, an Ohio family enlists Pete to build a brewery-in-the-sky on its massive rural property. After one climbs up a staircase anchored in towering red oak trees and travels over a suspended rope bridge 25-feet off the ground, a tomato-red, barn-themed tavern welcomes the beer connoisseur with a custom bar designed with old wine barrels, a fully functional brewing set up and a European-style draft system. Faced with extreme winter weather throughout the entire build, Pete and his crew receive an extra hand from the local Amish community, who bring generations of hand-crafted excellence to Pete’s first-ever “treemendous” brewery.

“Spirit House Retreat”
Friday, June 28, at 10PM ET/PT

In search of an inspiring space to begin her first novel, a writer in Rhinebeck, New York calls on Pete to build a hideaway to embrace her creativity but instantly feels blocked when she disagrees with Pete about the chosen tree. Once Pete wins her over, he transforms the tree into a gold-leafed “Spirit House” retreat filled with Buddhist artifacts and uplifting oddities and a loft to rest the brain between chapters.

“Backyard Bungalow”
Friday, July 5, at 10PM ET/PT

Faced with the need to expand their house after their daughter returns from college, a couple in Medford, Oregon calls Pete to expand their not-so-empty-nest. Distracted by constant visits from the couple filled with ideas, Pete sets off to build the expansion in a series of white oak trees. As the clients’ requests continue to evolve, Pete transforms the design into a multi-faceted guesthouse to host not only their daughter, but also any guests who visit the family. Bunk beds, a comfy loft and a spacious bedroom sleep eight comfortably, with a living room to take the fun from the main house and entertain visitors with a view of the beautiful mountains.

“Canopy Clubhouse”
Friday, July 12, at 10PM ET/PT

With a budget as high as the trees in its backyard, a family in Bedford, New York hires Pete to design a dream clubhouse for the entire family. The checklist of requests is anchored by a central two-story structure with a roof reaching 40 feet off the ground, providing a view above the built-in white oak trees. The treehouse has three main areas: a big BBQ patio with a grill for entertaining; a spacious living room decorated with antique treasures for the family to lounge; and a chalkboard-covered playroom complete with a lofted nook for the girls to have sleepovers. To make this treehouse extra special, Pete installs a secret trap door, a dumb-waiter system, and a fire pole and monkey bars, which bring fun for all.

“Love is in the Air” Treehouse Point Wedding
Friday, July 19, at 10PM ET/PT

An adventurous couple wants to host their wedding at Treehouse Point, but all of the existing treehouses are booked. Pete convinces his family to make room for a new addition and constructs a magical Honeymoon Suite. Working with the couple’s tight timeline, Pete constructs the treehouse just in time to host both the wedding and honeymoon. Guests will be able to admire the ceremony from the ground or climb up the stairs to the top of the treehouse and enjoy the view from a crow’s nest 250 feet off the ground!

“The Best of Season One”
Friday, July 26, at 10PM ET/PT

In this special episode, Pete and his team gather at Treehouse Point to build a back-to-basic child’s treehouse for a couple with four kids under the age of seven – two with special needs. As the kids love to camp in the backyard, the parents dreamed of a climbing structure to help develop their kids’ motor skills and have a place to focus their energy. Moved by the tight-knit family, Pete gifts them with a fort-style treehouse the whole family would enjoy and help the children thrive. While working on the treehouse, Alex, Daryl, Dylan and Charlie reminisce about their most challenging builds, emotional reveals and of course, their favorite Pete-isms.

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