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The Lion Man: One World African Safari

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Brand new ‘The Lion Man: One World African Safari' features Kiwi farm boy Craig Busch, an experienced self-taught "wild cat trainer", helping to track down poachers and fight devastating bushfires. He also creates a haven for rare, endangered cats such as white Bengal Tigers, Barbary Lions and White Lions at a reserve near Johannesburg. Craig and a passionate band of animal-loving supporters search for missing cheetahs, heal desperately ill tigers, and track down unscrupulous rhino killers. He also seeks out like-minded animal experts and conservationists around the globe (including "Wolf Man" Shaun Ellis) to help with his cause. Along the way, he adopts and raises an orphaned White Lion cub named Jabullah and lovingly hand-rears several Barbary Lion cubs. He then travels across the world to exchange the cubs, in order to enhance the blood lines of this rare cat that Craig has helped to bring back from the brink of extinction.