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The Man Who Doesn't Breathe

Brand new two-part series, ‘The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe’ chronicles four-time Danish World Champion freediver, Stig Åvall Severinsen, as he attempts to break a trio of superhuman world records. The first of the two hour long episodes follows Stig’s attempt to accomplish ‘the longest dive under ice’, on a single breath of air. In the frozen waters of Greenland, he dons a wetsuit and submerses himself underneath one metre thick ice, to swim an impressive distance of 500ft (152.4mtrs) - the equivalent of one and a half football pitches. Not content, he then endeavours to break another world record, by swimming the longest distance under ice, but without a wetsuit. Stig then goes on to become the first person ever to swim in sub-zero waters underneath a moving iceberg. The second episode in this captivating two-part series follows Stig to Cuba’s unspoilt reefs where he freedives with sharks and crocodiles, and then journeys to his home town where he attempts to be the first man on earth to hold his breath underwater for more than 22 minutes. But will Stig pull off these almighty challenges?