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Image from Bad Dog 3

Bad Dog 3

Premieres Tuesdays from 9th September, 8.00pm

Find out just how far some animals can push their owners in brand new series BAD DOG which travels the globe in search of the naughtiest pets on the planet! From cunning cats and destructive dogs, to rampaging rodents and bad mouthed birds Animals caught on camera in the throes of misbehaviour - include a cat that pla...

Image for Gorilla Doctors

Gorilla Doctors

Premieres Friday 19th September, 9.00pm

GORILLA DOCTORS is a one off documentary following a group of doctors supported and funded by the department of primatology at the University of California whose work sees them follow families of gorillas, deep in the mountains. Their work consists of performing routine check-ups, administering medicines and sometimes...

Image for Rat Busters NYC

Rat Busters NYC

Premieres Mondays from 6th October, 8pm-

The rats of NYC are taking no mercy as they force the residents of the city out of their homes, making them their own. This series takes viewers inside the world of an elusive and remarkable animal. As the city's war on rats unfolds, we'll follow the boys of Magic Exterminating as they take on some of the biggest, mos...

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Pit Bulls & Parolees 5

Premieres Mondays from 6th October, 8.00pm

Pit Bulls & Parolees is back by popular demand for a new series as it continues to follows the turbulent drama and bittersweet moments as ex-convicts and ill-reputed dogs come together to strengthen one another. In the first episode a midnight rescue finds Tia, Tania and new employee Perry scrambling after an inju...

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The Zoo 5

Premieres Thursday from 16th October, 8.00pm

This fascinating series for animal lovers of all ages gives an incredible glimpse into life behind the scenes at Dublin Zoo. Following the dedicated men and women who take care of the 600 plus exotic animals who live there, viewers get to share the highs and lows of zoo life and gain unprecedented access into an incre...

Image for Pool Master

Pool Master

Premieres Wednesdays from 1st October, 9.00pm

Charming swimming-pool designer, Anthony Archer-Wills hosts POOL MASTER - a brand new series on Animal Planet. The series follow Anthony as he determines just how to design and execute a pool that reflects the personalities of the clients who will swim in it by connecting to the spirit of each house and its grounds cr...

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Alaskan Moose Men

Premieres Thursdays from 2nd October, 9.00pm

It's a moose mania in Alaska, home to over 100, 000 moose. Sadly these precious creatures are in jeopardy of becoming extinct; with over 1,000 moose dying each year. That's where the Alaskan Moose Men come into action, as the army of dedicated men with a mission to rebuild the moose population one moose at a time. Th...

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Turtleman's Kentucky

Premieres Thursdays from 9th October, 9.00pm

From the black bear of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the east, to the blood-sucking lamprey in the mud of the mighty Mississippi to the west, this is Turtleman's Kentucky from top to tail - and more wild than you ever imagined!

Image for Finding Bigfoot 3A

Finding Bigfoot 3A

Premieres Thursdays from 30th October, 10.00pm

Hit series FINDING BIGFOOT returns with all-new episodes in which the Bigfoot Field Research Organisation (BFRO) president Matt Money-maker, researchers James "Bobo" Fay and Cliff Barackman and sceptical scientist Ranae Holland discover new, compelling evidence that may prove the existence of this elusive creature.

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Village Vets

Premieres Fridays from 10th October, 8.00pm

VILLAGE VETS follows the exploits of James and Anthony who have been friends since their first day of university. Now they are both vets, co-running a practice in a small rural Australian town where their patients go from the usual cats, dogs and horses to pythons, bearded dragons and alpacas. The owners, former male ...

Image for Swarm Chasers

Swarm Chasers

Premieres Fridays from 17th October, 9.00pm

SWARM CHASERS explores a phenomenon that can turn even the most innocuous creatures into killers - the instinct to swarm. In this action-packed series, hosts Steve and Greg discover what it takes to transform organisms into ferocious and deadly mobs. First up, Steve and Greg leading scientists and tacticians in the mi...

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