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Bugs, Bites and Parasites: Tropical Diseases Uncovered

Premieres Sundays from 21st July, 10.00pm

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Bugs, Bites & Parasites: Tropical Diseases Uncovered follows a team of medics from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Royal Liverpool Hospital in their fight against tropical diseases both in the Liverpool wards and in the developing world. Cases span from returning holidaymakers experiencing terrifying symptoms to entire villages brought to their knees by sudden viral outbreaks. Stories include patients with Trypanosomiasis which sends its victims into a zombie-like trance, to maggots laying eggs in a holidaymaker's ear and the shocking results of a Liver Fluke disease, which grows armies of parasites under the skin. The result is tales of breath taking medical detective work, gripping human stories, gruesome illnesses and an epic, global battle to save countless millions of lives.