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Extreme Car Hoarders

Premieres Mondays from 24th March, 10.00pm

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Chuck Palumbo is an ex WWE wrestler looking for a new career, Rick Dore is a world-renowned hot rod guru in search of a source of vintage automobiles to customise.  The pair team up to form SLAM - a body shop dedicated to mining the last frontier of American classic cars.  Together, they embark on an epic hunt for neglected classic cars from Buicks to Mercs, Corvettes to Camaros searching through backyards, garages and private lots belonging to hoarders who are holding on to them for a variety of deeply personal reasons.  Chuck and Rick offer these hoarders a golden opportunity: they'll tow away your rusting fleet, sell what they can, and use the money from the sales to turn one of your cars into a priceless, custom show-worthy vehicle for you to keep.  The duo gets to keep any leftover profits while the hoarder gets not only a new car, but a much needed fresh start.  It's the deal of a lifetime, but Chuck and Rick quickly learn that to strike a deal, they must help the hoarder confront their obsession and the personal struggles that fuel it.  Deals can also be quite a big gamble: if a purchased hoard turns out to be worthless, it can cripple their business and their partnership.  From building cars to rebuilding lives, transforming cars for hoarders is a challenge that puts Chuck and Rick's business, reputations and sanity on the line each and every time out.