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Premieres Thursdays from 13th February, 9.00pm

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Ex-Navy SEAL Joel Lambert is pitted up against the world's most elite tracking teams for Discovery Channel's brand new six-part documentary series, Manhunt. The series sees Lambert, armed with only a basic survival kit and canteen of water, take on a 48-hour challenge to reach a pre-determined extraction point whilst being pursued by tracking units across some of the most remote and exotic locations on Earth. In the series, Lambert attempts to evade capture using diversionary tactics and survival techniques against the elite fugitive-hunters including the U.S. Army Phantom Recon in Arizona, the South African International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) and the South Korean National Police SWAT unit. Each scenario pits Lambert against what appears to be insurmountable odds; will his training, skill and cunning be enough to help him escape? Amongst a number of death-defying challenges, Lambert attempts to outwit the U.S Army's Phantom Recon unit across 75,000 acres of harsh bear-filled terrain in southern Arizona and uses misleading tactics to try and outwit the South Korean KNP Swat unit in a heavily populated urban evasion.