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You Have Been Warned 2

Premieres Mondays from 18th November, 8.00pm

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You Have Been Warned is back for a new series with more fast-paced countdowns of the world's top 20 homemade YouTube science stunts and experiments. Each episode finds the cleverest, funniest, most daring, outrageous or just downright bizarre clips - and uses a top cast of the world's best science experts to unpack and explain them for us. With the help of amazing storytelling graphics, they will explain the what, how and why of the biology, physics, and chemistry that made these clips possible. Across the series we meet the man who can jump out of a helicopter without using a parachute and the New Zealander who gets closer to volcanoes than anyone else, self-experimenting human guinea pigs, nature obsessed natural born thrillers and the danger junkies of epic stunts.