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Image from True Crime With Aphrodite Jones 5

True Crime With Aphrodite Jones 5

Premieres Tuesdays from 14th April, 10PM

TRUE CRIME WITH APHRODITE JONES follows one of the nation's top crime writers, Aphrodite Jones, as she investigates famous murder cases to uncover hidden secrets that shed new light on these sensational stories. In all new episodes, a young man is killed at his father's home in central New York after the truck he is w...

Image for Scorned: Crimes Of Passion 4b

Scorned: Crimes Of Passion 4b

Premieres Fridays 10th April, 11pm

SCORNED: CRIMES OF PASSION explores sordid stories of betrayal, deception, and sexual intrigue that include a particularly scandalous subset of murders: crimes of passion. From a pretty blonde with a bubbly personality who seduces a 15 year old into murdering her straying husband, to a desperate housewife who's cravin...

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