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Image from Secret Lives Of Stepford Wives

Secret Lives Of Stepford Wives

Premieres Thursdays from 31st July, 11.00pm

New to Investigation Discovery, SECRET LIVES OF STEPFORD WIVES reveals the dirty laundry of real housewives desperate to cover up their deception, adultery, and greed in order to project a flawless family life. Based on real life stories, the first episode investigates suburban homemaker Candy Montgomery who became bo...

Image for Devil in the Details

Devil in the Details

Premieres Wednesdays from 16th July, 11.00pm

In questions of murder, it's the details that reveal the cold-blooded truth. DEVIL IN THE DETAILS is a true-crime series that follows a bloody trail of details to track down a killer. From the remote backwoods of Alaska to Hawaii, detectives peel back layer after layer of each victim's story and use the details to p...

Image for Southern Fried Homicide - Series 2

Southern Fried Homicide - Series 2

Premieres Wednesdays from 23rd July, 10.00pm

Across the Deep South, heat, humidity and good hiding places provide a perfect backdrop for dark, deeds. SOUTHERN FRIED HOMICIDE is back and will serve up more classic crime storytelling: these are stories of love gone wrong and lovers getting even, business deals turned sour, deadly claims to a loved one's estate and...

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Dark Minds - Series 2

Premieres Sundays from 27th July, 10.00pm

Back for a new series, DARK MINDS revisits more unsolved murder cases, with the help of investigative journalist William Phelps, criminal profiler John Kelly and ex-serial killer ‘Raven' .This series sees them try and crack the mystery that lies behind the ‘Original Night Stalker', known as America's most ...

Image for Evil in Law

Evil in Law

Premieres Thursdays from 7th August, 10.00pm

Mother always knows best - or does she? EVIL-IN-LAW tells tales of the battle between meddlesome mother-in-laws and their son's wives. While the sons insist that mother means well, their wives find themselves on the defence as they wrestle for control of their own marriages, from how to cook and clean to how to raise ...

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Sinister Ministers: Collared

Premieres Sundays from 17th August, 10.00pm

Brand-new to Investigation Discovery is a series that explores what happens when your minister becomes sinister in SINISTER MINISTER: COLLARED. In the first episode Pastor John White comes to a small town in rural Michigan looking for a church to minister to and as fate has it, a local church is in desperate need of a...

Image for Evil Kin

Evil Kin

Premieres Wednesdays from 27th August, 11.00pm

From siblings who conspire to kill their parents and grandparents, to three brothers who grow up independently to become serial killers, EVIL KIN follows true-crime mysteries surrounding bone-chilling cases.

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