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Image from See No Evil

See No Evil

Premieres Monday 15th June, 10pm

A ground breaking new series, SEE NO EVIL comes to ID this June. Fingerprints and DNA were once the only conclusive evidence authorities could draw from, but now video proves to be a most crucial tool: what will it capture - a victim's walk to their doom or a murderer hiding all-important evidence? Using actual securi...

Image for Southern Fried Homicide 3

Southern Fried Homicide 3

Premieres from Friday 3rd July, 10pm

SOUTHERN FRIED HOMICIDE is back and serving up more tales of murder, revealing the steamy, southern subculture of charming drawls, lavish lifestyles...and dark, despicable deeds. The salacious stories give another meaning to things that ‘go south'. The new series investigates crimes committed by the least expect...

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The Perfect Murder 2

Premieres Wednesday from 22nd July,10pm

THE PERFECT MURDER, back this July, brings viewers some of the most diabolical, perplexing murder cases to land on detectives' desks. These clever killers are every detective's worst nightmare. Whether this means planting false evidence, or writing anonymous letters to the police, these murderers will stop at nothing...

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