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Combat Dealers

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Brand new to Quest comes Combat Dealers, following the fortunes and adventures of larger than life Londoner Bruce Crompton, one of the world’s biggest collectors of 20th century military equipment, as he buys, restores and sells WW2 Military vehicles and memorabilia.  . Bruce and his trusty team of engineers and military history experts  turn the rust he finds into historical and financial gold. From Winston Churchill’s bath to a U-Boat, there’s nothing they can’t fix and get working again, and nothing they wouldn’t do to get the right kit at the right price! And it’s not just Bruce’s passion for military memorabilia that drives them on – the team have a large client list on the hunt for that elusive find, including Hollywood royalty. In the first episode, Bruce goes to Normandy to try and hunt down an historic swimming German Army vehicle – a Schwimwagon.