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Image from Jodie Marsh On... Women Who Pay For Sex and Drugs

Jodie Marsh On... Women Who Pay ...

Premieres Wednesday 18th and 25th March, 10.00pm

Jodie Marsh is back on TLC this March with two brand new documentaries and this time she'll be investigating the new generation of drugs; legal highs, and exploring the growing phenomenon of women paying for pleasure. Today Chemists are designing legal highs faster that the law can ban them. It's the fastest growing...

Image for Leah Remini: It's All Relative

Leah Remini: It's All Relative

Premieres Tuesdays from 10th March, 9.00pm

Sitcom fans will know Leah Remini for her portrayal of wise-cracking, no nonsense Carrie on The King Of Queens while others will know her as an ex-Scientologist who happens to be J.Lo's BFF.  This brand new reality series joins the comedy queen and her fun-loving family at their home in LA as she juggles career a...

Image for Plastic Wives

Plastic Wives

Wednesday 4th March, 10.00pm

With over 300,000 plastic surgeons, Beverly Hills is the mecca of cosmetic plastic surgery. Here, everyone is a quick facelift away from perfection! This one-off special meets four ladies who have a leg up on everybody else - they're married to plastic surgeons; they are the Plastic Wives. Alana (pictured) is marri...

Image for My 600lb Life Revisited

My 600lb Life Revisited

Thursdays from 5th March, 9.00pm

My 600lb Life: Revisited catches up with some of the people from series two and takes a look at how they are getting on one year on. The first episode joins Olivia as she struggles to keep her weight under 200lbs to get her gastric band fitted. She is now living by herself for the first time ever and must get her diet...

Image for Bride By Design

Bride By Design

Premieres Friday 17th April, 9.00pm

Previous Project Runway contestant, Heidi Elnora, is now the star of TLC's brand new show, Bride By Design. The ten-part series sees the fairy godmother of the bridal world create custom gowns for her clientele, making them as unique as the brides themselves. From inspiration and sketching to sequins, fittings and the...

Image for Extreme Beauty Disasters

Extreme Beauty Disasters

Premieres Thursdays from 23rd April, 8.00pm

From shoddy cosmetic surgery to hairdressing horrors and botched beauty treatments, this brand new series meets the people who are suffering from Extreme Beauty Disasters, and the team of experts on hand to help. Featured this series are a 24 year old Bolton man with a botched penis enlargement and 27 year old Stacy...

Image for My Extraordinary Pregnancy

My Extraordinary Pregnancy

Premieres Mondays from 6th April, 9.00pm

Brand new six part series, My Extraordinary Pregnancy explores what it's like to be pregnant in extreme situations with unique intimate access to some extraordinary mums-to-be. From a blind mum-to-me and a body-builder to a woman allergic to her own babies follow these astonishing women on their journey to delivery. ...

Image for My 600lb Life series 3

My 600lb Life series 3

Premieres Thursdays from 2nd April, 9.00pm

This compelling eight part series follows the lives of eight morbidly obese individuals are attempting to lose hundreds of pounds to get healthy, take control of their lives and gain independence. In the first episode viewers meet Amber (pictured), who at only 23, goes through emotional turmoil every time she leaves h...

Image for Sex Sent Me To The ER Series 2

Sex Sent Me To The ER Series 2

Premieres Thursdays from 2nd April, 10.00pm

Sex Sent Me To The ER is back for a new series with more sexual mishaps than ever. Featured in this series is a doctor who has to deal with dummies in order to save a patients penis; a couple who have an unforgettable night when a man experiences sudden memory loss after sex, a sex-starved couple who get crazy in the ...

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