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Image from Buying Naked

Buying Naked

Brand new series, ‘Buying Naked' explores a community where "in the flesh" takes on a whole new meaning, clothing-optional clients shop the housing market with the help of expert estate agent Jackie Youngblood. Pasco County boasts the largest concentration of nudist communities in the nation, and happily holds t...

Image for Escaping The Prophet

Escaping The Prophet

Premieres Sundays from 16th November, 10.00pm

Brand new six-part series Escaping the Prophet follows former FLDS member Flora Jessop as she rescues runaways and outcasts of one of the most reportedly dangerous cults in America, while helping to empower those who choose to stay behind. Her efforts will introduce her to a variety of people, from a single mother who...

Image for Outrageous 911

Outrageous 911

Premieres Thursdays from 13th November, 9.00pm

Whilst many 911 calls are a matter of life or death, this series features the strangest, ludicrous, most outrageous calls you've ever heard and all of them are real. From a man who watches an intruder use his garden as a toilet and then clean off in the swimming pool, to a woman calling 911 after a neighbourhood squi...

Image for My Extreme Animal Phobia

My Extreme Animal Phobia

Premieres Thursdays from 11th November, 10.00pm

For some, it may seem completely reasonable to be afraid of snakes. But what if you were terrified of moths, grasshoppers or puppies? In these extreme cases, the fear can become so intense it's a phobia and can transform everyday behavior. This series follows many who, as a last resort, turn to the Anxiety Treatment C...

Image for Crafty Beggars

Crafty Beggars

Premieres 3rd November, 9.00am and 9.30am

Crafty Beggars puts the competition into crafts. With only £20 to spend, two teams of two hit the town to beg, borrow and buy the items they need to make their crafty creations. Once finished they create a pop up stall on the high street to sell their wares. The winning team will be the one that makes the most c...

Image for Self Surgery

Self Surgery

Thursday 13th November, 10.00pm

From backyard botox to self administered sex change operations, increasing numbers of people are taking medical matters into their own hands. In Self Surgery we meet Brit, John Woodward, who hacked off his mole with a machete and Jadis Argiope who transformed herself from a man to a woman.

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