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Image from Jodie Marsh On…

Jodie Marsh On…

Premieres Tuesdays from 14th October, 10.00pm

In Jodie Marsh On... Plastic Surgery, Jodie explores what is motivating even greater numbers to go under the knife, and why so many people are now looking to reverse their surgery. As she meets those whose surgery has delivered the vision of plastic perfection they craved, and those who now regret it and want their p...

Image for Eskimos Go Wild in San Diego

Eskimos Go Wild in San Diego

Premieres Sundays from 5th October, 10.00pm

Eskimo's Go Wild In San Diego follows a group of five young Eskimos who, desperate to escape their Alaskan communities,head to the beautiful beaches of San Diego, where here they will experience life beyond their Illuvut for the very first time. When Q, Tamara, Mary, Frank and Nuala land in San Diego, they quickly dis...

Image for What Have I Got?

What Have I Got?

Premieres Thursdays from 2nd October, 9.00pm

WHAT HAVE I GOT? is an all-new, 12-part original series that explores medical anomalies in a mystery diagnosis format that encourages viewers to play the doctor alongside the show's experts. In each episode of WHAT HAVE I GOT?, viewers meet three ordinary individuals with uncanny medical conditions. Sometimes emotiona...

Image for Gypsy Sisters 2

Gypsy Sisters 2

Premieres Wednesdays from 1st October, 9.00pm

Coming off a tumultuous ending to last season, matriarch Nettie and her cousin Kayla aim to put the bad blood behind them and move on for the sake of their families. With their lives so intertwined, their ailing relationship takes a toll on the whole unit, and the other girls try to help patch things up for everyone. ...

Image for Mistresses US 2

Mistresses US 2

Premieres Wednesdays from 3rd September, 10.00pm

The provocative and thrilling drama returns to TLC this September, joining Savi, Joss, Karen and April as they attempt to rebuild and reinvent their lives following the dramatic events of the first series. This season introduces a host of new characters including the sexy and mysterious Daniel Zamora played by Brit...

Image for Body Bizarre S2

Body Bizarre S2

Premieres Thursdays from 4th September, 9.00pm

Body Bizarre uncovers the real human stories behind the headlines, with deeply personal interviews with people who suffer from medical anomalies to understand just what life is like for these incredible individuals. This series includes Nick (pictured with his brothers), a flirty 21 year old suffering from primordial ...

Image for Kate Plus 8

Kate Plus 8

Premieres Mondays from 1st September, 9.00pm

Kate Gosselin and her clan are back for four one off specials in which the twins Cara and Madelyn are now teenagers and the sextuplets turn ten.

Image for 11210


Premieres Fridays from 5th September, 9.00pm

Next Great Baker is back for a fourth season and the heat is on as, for the first time, the competitors work in pairs for a chance to work for Buddy at his newest branch in Las Vegas, and to win the grand prize of $100,000! Each episode features a different Cake Challenge, from New York inspirations to Horror Movie ca...

Image for Buying Naked

Buying Naked

Brand new series, ‘Buying Naked' explores a community where "in the flesh" takes on a whole new meaning, clothing-optional clients shop the housing market with the help of expert estate agent Jackie Youngblood. Pasco County boasts the largest concentration of nudist communities in the nation, and happily holds t...

Image for Outrageous 911

Outrageous 911

Premieres Thursdays from 13th November, 10.00pm

Whilst many 911 calls are a matter of life or death, this series features the strangest, ludicrous, most outrageous calls you’ve ever heard and all of them are real. From a man who watches an intruder use his garden as a toilet and then clean off in the swimming pool, to a woman calling 911 after a neighbourhood squir...

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