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Image from 3net Studios

3net Studios

Announced in October 2012, 3net Studios - based at both Sony Pictures headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring, MD - employs a team of creative personnel, utilizing the world-class technology and production expertise of the parent company's joint venture partners to pr...

Image for Hillbilly Blood: A Hard Scrabble Life - Season 2

Hillbilly Blood: A Hard Scrabble...

Special 3D/2D simulcast on 3net & Discovery’s Destination...

Up on Cold Mountain, in the heart of the Appalachians, life isn't easy.  Mountain folk have learned get by with little.  But two men up in these hollers truly embody the Hillbilly lifestyle:  inventor Eugene Runkis and his best friend Spencer Bolejack.  Together, these two unlock the secrets of the...

Image for Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

When an abandoned industrial building is cleared for demolition, a locked door is discovered in its basement.  The door conceals an archive of strange and disturbing specimens, recordings, photos and documentary films - compelling evidence of monstrous creatures and preternatural events.  The documentarian's...

Image for From The Basement

From The Basement

New Episode Premieres February 10 at 9PM E/P

An intimate concert series with some of today’s hottest artists such as Foster the People, The Shins, Feist and Aimee Mann. Created by Nigel Godrich, music producer and engineer whose extensive portfolio includes works with Radiohead, U2, R.E.M, Beck, Paul McCartney, and Thom Yorke, From The Basement features pe...

Image for Crazy Land

Crazy Land

Premieres February 17 at 9pm ET

Crazy Land explores the great American subcultures and the unusual people who inhabit them. Spending time with the characters both in their regular lives and inside the subculture, we find out just what sets these people apart from the rest of the country, why they would do it, and discover that perhaps they aren't so...

Image for Jewels of the World

Jewels of the World

Saturdays at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT

Some of the world's most awe inspiring historical landmarks and unspoilt natural locations are revealed through immersive 3D. From mountain fortresses in the Swiss Alps and the untamed beauty of the New Zealand wilderness to ancient beacons of European civilization, Jewels of the World exposes some of the world's most...

Image for Sky Soldier

Sky Soldier

Premieres May 28 at 9 PM E/P

An avid photographer his entire life, Glenn left behind an expansive archive of his visual craft -  tucked away for years at his family's farm outside of Gainesville, Fla. - including the world's only known 3D photographs taken of war-time Vietnam. Joel's widow Judy and son Tom also allowed the use of many of the...

Image for Forgotten Planet

Forgotten Planet

Fridays at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT

Explore the cast-offs of humanity - buildings, compounds and even entire cities abandoned by humans for years. Fogotten Planet takes you to places forgotten by time eerie locations that once hummed with activity and now are desolate. Enter the eerie emptiness of the city of Chernobyl, walk the halls and streets of a...

Image for Bullproof


Thursdays at 9PM ET / 6PM PT

BULLPROOF, the first-of-it's-kind native 3D "sportumentary" program premiered Thursday, May 5 (9PM ET/PT). Featuring some of the world's most extreme man-versus-beast encounters, this one-hour weekly series documents the danger and drama of a group of professional bullfighters as they risk their lives to save the cow...

Image for Building the Brand

Building the Brand

Fridays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT

In this 10 part series Building the Brand explores amazing factories, following the creation of some of the world's most iconic products. From handcrafted Gibson guitars, luxurious Rolls Royce cars, awesome Pierce fire trucks and the US Army's Apache helicopters...we follow the build process from blueprint design...t...

Image for China Revealed

China Revealed

Saturdays at 8pm ET / 5pm PT

China Revealed is a 3D expedition into a still undiscovered land. Lost in the vastness of China are sublime landscapes and cultural sites that the Western world has never seen. Now, for the first time ever these secret places are captured in a journey of discovery that you'll never forget. From a mythical mountain ...

Image for America's National Parks

America's National Parks

Wednesdays at 6pm ET / 3pm PT

America's National Parks are places of awe-inspiring beauty and majestic vistas. With stunning landscapes formed over millions of years, they are places of natural miracles and a tribute to mankind's foresight. A 3D journey through five of America's most iconic National Parks reveals nature at its most powerful, and...

Image for Feeding Time

Feeding Time

Wednesdays at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

Feeding Time takes you on a magical trip to get up close with some of the worlds most adored and iconic animals. Guided by their keepers we're going into the enclosures and behind the scenes, discovering the animals fussy eating habits and individual personalities. We find out just how a zoo manages to feed animals fr...

Image for Oceana Airshow

Oceana Airshow

Highlighting the Oceana Air Show in 3D, experience high performance aerial maneuvers and pyrotechnics from the world’s elite professionals as well as thrilling tactical demonstrations by the Navy’s best aviators.

Image for I (Almost) Got Away With It

I (Almost) Got Away With It

Randall Zandstra shot his ex-wife's boyfriend and got 12 years in jail. Due to a technicality, there was a retrial. Zandstra fled, ran to Vegas, winning big in poker and running mail fraud. Authorities finally track him down and he is now in a NJ prison.

Image for Live Fire

Live Fire

This series puts the audience through the toughest training of the American military. 3D cameras take you behind-the-scenes and into the field with squads of soldiers and experience the transformation of raw recruits to battle-ready warriors. Marine grunts experience hardcore weapons training at th...

Image for Puppy Bowl VII

Puppy Bowl VII

A record 9.2 million viewers watched the latest in the long-running annual event which takes place during Super Bowl Sunday. Now the native 3D version comes to 3net. The program features nearly 50 cuddly rescue puppies of all breeds brought together on a 19-foot long field to battle it out.

Image for High Octane

High Octane

Thursdays at 8PM ET / 5PM PT

The world's elite athletes are no longer found exclusively on the track and field, but in the mountains, waves and ramps of Action Sports. Rather than shaving milliseconds off races these guys and girls are pushing themselves higher, faster and further just for the feeling of totally connecting to their sport and thei...

Image for Your World in 3D

Your World in 3D

A VIP Pass to the hottest 3D movies, coolest video games, television programs and documentary films from around the world. Plus a front row concert seat to live performances from: U2, Black Eyed Peas, and Jane’s Addiction performing their biggest hits.

Image for Fields of Valor: The Civil War

Fields of Valor: The Civil War

Chronicles the tumultuous time of the Civil War in U.S. history from the unique perspective of both sides of the conflict.

Image for Experience 3D

Experience 3D

Sundays at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT

This fast-paced, hour-long, thrill-ride takes viewers on a once-in-a-lifetime journey across the country -- from the mighty Hudson River, over the New Mexico desert, along the golden coast of Southern California, to the rainforests of Hawaii -- featuring some of the wildest experiences life has to offer. Fly high in ...

Image for African Wild

African Wild

Wednesdays at 9PM ET / 6 PM PT

Take a journey into the secret world of Africa's largest and most dangerous animals. Travel across wild grassy savannas to untouched beaches; soar through the skies and dive deep into the ocean - all to experience the daily lives of these animals in a way you never have before. Witness what it takes to survive the ele...

Image for Storm Surfers

Storm Surfers

Premieres August 19 at 9pm ET/PT

The four-part mini-series features Ross and Tom - along with some of the most well known names in big-wave surfing - as they trek around the world, capturing awe-inspiring, heart-pounding footage of their adventures in 3D for the first time ever. The STORM SURFERS crew utilizes the latest in storm forecasting technolo...