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Executive Bios

Photo of Marjorie Kaplan

Marjorie Kaplan

Group President, TLC, Animal Planet & Velocity

Photo of Rick Holzman

Rick Holzman

General Manager & Executive Vice President, Animal Planet

Photo of Victoria  Lowell

Victoria Lowell

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Operations

Photo of Charlie Foley

Charlie Foley

Executive Vice President, Original Content

Photo of Patricia Kollappallil

Patricia Kollappallil

Senior Vice President, Communications & Talent Relations

Photo of Jason Carey

Jason Carey

Senior Vice President, Production

Photo of Andy  Weissberg

Andy Weissberg

Vice President, Programming and Scheduling

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Lauren Goodson

Vice President, Research

Photo of Kurt Tondorf

Kurt Tondorf

Vice President, Development

Photo of Andy Berg

Andy Berg

Vice President, Development

Photo of Michael Eisenbaum

Michael Eisenbaum

Vice President, On-Air Creative & Branded Entertainment

Photo of Jamie Dugger

Jamie Dugger

Vice President, Creative

Photo of   Erin Wanner

Erin Wanner

Senior Director, Production

Photo of Tahli Kouperstein

Tahli Kouperstein

Senior Director, Publicity

Photo of   Lisa Lucas

Lisa Lucas

Executive Producer, Animal Planet Media

Photo of   Melinda Toporoff

Melinda Toporoff

Executive Producer, Animal Planet Media

Photo of Keith Hoffman

Keith Hoffman

Executive Producer, Animal Planet Media