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Live Action! Animal Planet’s hit series CALL OF THE WILDMAN returns this summer for a third “snapperlicious” season with 20 brand-new episodes, featuring the bare-handed, backwoods, animal-trapping skills of "Turtleman" Ernie Brown, Jr. Now busier than ever, Turtleman and his crew of backwoods buddies, including banjo-toting Neal James, are back to protect Kentucky homes and businesses from new and even wilder varmints including coyotes, llamas, venomous snakes, pigeons, skunks, raccoons and even bulls! And with winter quickly approaching, a little cold weather isn't going to stop this turtle team from seeking out critters in new and exotic locations. Ernie and Neal are the ultimate turtles out-of-water, expanding their live-action repertoire across state lines to Texas and out of the country for their first international animal rescue. For the past three decades, Turtleman has been diving into Kentucky's murkiest ponds in search of feisty snapping turtles capable of biting through bone. Accompanied by his canine companion, Lolly, and armed with country wits as sharp as the steel blade he carries, aptly named "Thunder," Turtleman has the uncanny ability to catch monster-snapping turtles and other pesky critters with his bare hands and return them into the wild unscathed. No job is too tough or dangerous for Turtleman, and his years of bonding with wild animals allow him to use his animal instincts to save them.

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