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Alaska: The Last Frontier

Fourth Season Premieres Sunday, October 5th at 9pm ET/PT

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Cabin fever has kicked in and the Kilcher family is back after a winter for the history books. Discovery Channel's Emmy nominated series ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER returns for a riveting fourth season on Sunday, October 5th  at 9pm ET/PT. This season on ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER, the Kilchers face unexpected and daunting challenges due to a historically warm winter. The Kilcher men join forces on an epic 30-mile mission over challenging terrain and dangerous melting glacial rivers to secure their hunting cabins at the Head of the Bay. Eivin and Eve juggle the demands of parenting their infant son Findlay, the latest generation to be born on the homestead, and relentless preparations for another Alaskan winter. Otto takes a novice team on the yearly cattle drive and tensions run high as the heat debilitates the herd.  Atz Lee encounters a disaster when he takes Jane takes on her first black bear hunt. Atz Sr. defends the family's prized cattle herd against brown bear attacks, and Charlotte searches desperately for a missing newborn calf and its mother. Another Kilcher returns to the homestead to reclaim a simpler life for his family, while the family mourns the loss of a beloved fellow homesteader.