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Image from Momsters: When Moms Go Bad

Momsters: When Moms Go Bad

Premieres Black Friday, November 28 at 10/9c with back-to...

With the help of TV’s beloved loud-mouth mom and infamous comedienne, Roseanne Barr, MOMSTERS: WHEN MOMS GO BAD uncovers a bizarre world where mothers will do anything for their children’s happiness. From the little league mama who stalks, threatens and attacks her son’s coach to the pageant parent who will stop at no...

Image for Breaking Point

Breaking Point

New Series Premieres Thursday, January 15 at 10/9c

Families across the nation are on the brink of destruction as their lives have been hijacked by a criminal loved one…this is their BREAKING POINT, Investigation Discovery’s new docudrama. From Sam Mettler, the creator and executive producer of the long-running series “Intervention,” this groundbreaking reality series ...

Image for Fatal Vows

Fatal Vows

Season 3 Premieres Saturday, November 8 at 9/8c

One of ID's guiltiest pleasures, FATAL VOWS, is back for a third season with even more tantalizing tales of love turned lethal. From blushing brides turned cold-blooded killers, to smitten grooms with shocking dark sides, FATAL VOWS returns to examine the criminal psychology behind these deadly divorces. Stacy Kaiser,...

Image for Mail Order Murder

Mail Order Murder

Premieres Wednesday, December 3 at 9/8c and 9:30/8:30c

When hopeless romantics can’t find a soul mate within their own zip code, these men try their luck across borders. MAIL ORDER MURDER uncovers stories of lovers who have clocked hours traveling overseas and browsing mail order bride catalogues for their fairytale ending, but what happens when the search turns deadly?

Image for I'd Kill For You

I'd Kill For You

Season 2 Premieres Saturday, December 6 at 10/9c

I’D KILL FOR YOU exposes chilling crimes committed by men and women with twisted agendas who use their lovers as murder weapons. Whether they’re after the inheritance of their elderly husband or have their eyes set on a younger model, these men and women will stop at nothing to live their own happily ever.

Image for The Joe Show

The Joe Show

World Television Premiere on Sunday, December 14 at 5PM ET

For more than 20 years, Joe Arpaio has used fear, crime and his role as sheriff in Maricopa County, Ariz., to make himself the most famous law enforcement officer in the world. Racism, sex crimes, illegal immigration, first amendment rights and multiple deaths at the hands of his employees are all issues Arpaio faces ...

Image for Murder Book

Murder Book

All-New Series Premieres Tuesday, December 2 at 9/8c

Contained within dusty storage drawers and dented metal cabinets of police stations everywhere, is a library of binders comprising detailed information about gruesome crimes. They may look like ordinary notebooks and folders, but each of them holds the plea of their victim waiting for the day that someone will finally...