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Lost and Found

Premieres January 3, 2013 at 10 pm ET/PT

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OWN's new series "Lost and Found" showcases the remarkable stories of people, places and precious items that were once lost and that now have been found. 

Each one-hour episode takes viewers on an emotional journey of discovery, featuring stories such as the reunion of two holocaust survivors; the return of a lost Super Bowl ring; and the discovery of a possible Michelangelo.

On "Lost and Found" there are numerous surprises waiting to be found, enriching the lives of those involved in their discovery in a multitude of ways.

The series is produced for OWN by LMNO Productions. The executive producers are Eric Schotz and Lisa Bourgoujian.

"Lost and Found" Premiere Episode - "Miraculous Reunions"
(Thursday, January 3, 2013) - In the series premiere, two Holocaust survivors are reunited after 73 years due the efforts of a group of junior high students in Naperville, IL. Also in the episode, a former high school athlete's letterman jacket is returned; and in a twist of fate, a balloon on a 140 mile flight finds two strangers, with the same name and age, leading parallel lives.   

"Lost and Found" - "Family Secrets Revealed"
(Thursday, January 10, 2013) - An adopted child sold in an infamous black market baby ring tracks down her birth mother and finds a whole new family. Then, a dusty old painting left behind a couch for 30 years is revealed to be a centuries-old lost treasure -- possibly an original Michelangelo valued at $300 million.

"Lost and Found" - "Second Chance at Life and Love"
(Thursday, January 24, 2013) - A Long Beach, California girl facing death receives the gift of life and a life-long bond with her organ donor's family; then 50 years of lost love letters are found revealing an incredible story; and a shocking reunion occurs when former co-workers discover they are mother and daughter.

"Lost and Found" - "Surprises of a Lifetime"
(Thursday, January 31, 2013) - A baby missing 30 years ago is reunited as an adult with her mother and two tenacious siblings that never stopped looking for her. Then a priceless Super Bowl ring lost in the ocean in Hawaii by New York Jets football player John Schmitt is found 40 years later; and a 160-million-year-old treasure is recovered by a 5-year-old girl.