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Photo for 19 Kids & Counting: Season 9

19 Kids & Counting: Season 9

The Duggars aren't your average family. In fact, they’re almost 7 times the size of an average family. And while raising 19 kids can be a challenge, for the Duggars, it comes with more than its share of rewards.

Photo for 7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons

7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS follows the Johnston family, the world's largest known family of Achondroplasia dwarfs, as they prove that size only matters in the amount of love a family can provide.

Photo for 90 Day Fiancé Season 2

90 Day Fiancé Season 2

In the second season of the TLC series 90 DAY FIANCÉ, six new couples decide to take a chance on love and bring their spouses-to-be stateside. Using a special K-1 visa, the couples are required to get married at the end of only 90 days… or else return to their home countries.


Photo for Breaking Amish 3

Breaking Amish 3

TLC’s popular BREAKING AMISH series is back and follows a fresh group of young men and women as they leave their conservative, rural communities behind for a chance to live in New York and fully experience English life. T

Photo for Bride by Design

Bride by Design

Heidi Elnora is an Alabama-based bridal designer who thinks every bride is one of a kind, and should have a custom gown to match. 


Photo for Cake Boss season 6 (winter episodes)

Cake Boss season 6 (winter episodes)

TLC sets up the perfect New Year's treat with an all-new Monday night schedule featuring America's favorite baker in back-to-back series runs of CAKE BOSS and BAKERY BOSS, starting December 30.


Photo for Gypsy Sisters 2

Gypsy Sisters 2

The GYPSY SISTERS are back and still over-the-top in a two-hour season premiere on TLC Thursday, August 21st at 9/8c. The new season chronicles more Stanley family drama as they navigate breakups, makeups and road trips, giving viewers a one-of-a-kind look at the jaw-dropping ways of the infamous gypsy clan.


Photo for Kate Plus Eight: Season 3

Kate Plus Eight: Season 3

Kate and the kids are back and bringing more controlled chaos in the new year. Starting Tuesday, January 13 at 9/8c, TLC premieres five consecutive KATE PLUS EIGHT specials, featuring a family trip to New England, house renovations, and the twins’ 14th birthday.


Photo for The Little Couple Season 7A

The Little Couple Season 7A

One of TLC’s favorite families is back this December bringing new adventures, challenges, and heartfelt moments to the holiday season.

Photo for Little People Big World Fall 2014 Season

Little People Big World Fall 2014 Season

The new season of LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD, returning to TLC on Tuesday September 2 at 10/9c, follows as everyone learns to adapt to Matt & Amy's separation, while moving forward with each of their own lives.

Photo for Long Island Medium Season 6

Long Island Medium Season 6

(New York, NY) - Sunday, March 8, marks the return of everyone’s favorite medium with more surprise readings and a behind-the-scenes look into Theresa Caputo’s life. At 9/8c, Theresa and Larry kick off the new season of LONG ISLAND MEDIUM with a one-hour premiere as they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Photo for Love, Lust or Run

Love, Lust or Run

Style maven, and often times psychologist Stacy London is back and tackling a new fashion mission, but in this all-new series, it’s about make-UNDERS. New episodes of LOVE, LUST OR RUN air Fridays at 9/8c.


Photo for My 600-lb Life

My 600-lb Life

Returning to TLC this January with all-new compelling weight loss stories, MY 600-lb LIFE follows the lives of morbidly obese individuals each weighing over 600 pounds and attempting to regain control of their lives.

Photo for My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 4

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 4

From the most extravagant wedding gowns to explosive celebrations and the madness that follows, MY BIG FAT AMERICAN GYPSY WEDDING is back for a fourth season beginning Thursday, February 26th at 9/8c.

Photo for My Big Fat Fabulous Life

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Once a slender dancer, Whitney Thore gained more than 200 lbs. after being diagnosed with PCOS. But after courageously posting her dance videos online, she became an overnight sensation. Now, Whitney has learned to embrace her body and urges others to do the same. This series follows Whitney’s life in Greensboro, NC.


Photo for Next Great Baker Season 4

Next Great Baker Season 4

Bourgeoning bakers are back with the most impressive cake creations to date in season four of NEXT GREAT BAKER premiering Tuesday, June 24th at 9/8c on TLC.


Photo for Our Little Family

Our Little Family

TLC’s newest faces, the Hamills, are not the typical American family. Parents Dan and Michelle along with their son and twin daughters are all little people - all five family members have achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. TLC follows their life in new series OUR LITTLE FAMILY premiering February 17th at 10/9c.


Photo for Say Yes to the Dress Season 13

Say Yes to the Dress Season 13

New York, NY – With spring around the corner, wedding bells are back in NY as the original SAY YES TO THE DRESS returns to Friday nights. On March 6th at 10/9c, TLC premieres season 13 of the fan-favorite series with comedian and host of E!’s “Fashion Police”, Kathy Griffin.

Photo for Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (Season 8)

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (Season 8)

Now in its eighth season, the series follows brides as they search for their dream dress at premier bridal salon Bridals by Lori in Atlanta.

Photo for Sex Sent Me to the ER

Sex Sent Me to the ER

TLC returns with the buzz worthy series SEX SENT ME TO THE ER, as we head into the emergency room for all new horrifying and hilarious sex adventures turned medical mishaps. Retold by emergency room physicians and the actual couples who took part in the sexual escapades, TLC will air 20 hour long episodes.

Photo for Sister Wives Season 5

Sister Wives Season 5

The hit series is back following the exceptional Brown family through the trials and tribulations that come with the plural marriage lifestyle.

Photo for Strange Love

Strange Love

STRANGE LOVE follows the lives of people who prove that there's someone for everyone. The series explores romantic, provocative and inspiring love journeys including a woman with hair measuring fifty feet who is married to a hairdresser and a full-time Santa looking for his Mrs. Claus.

Photo for Style By Jury

Style By Jury

Hosted by style experts Preston Konrad and Louise Roe, the new series features fashion felons accused of committing some of the most terrible “style crimes” as they are put on trial.


Photo for Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor Season 3

Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor Season 3

America’s favorite trailer park is back…and this season, there’s a baby on board! TRAILER PARK: WELCOME TO MYRTLE MANOR returns with ten all-new episodes filled with plenty of juicy gossip, steamy romance, and more drama than any one park can handle.


Photo for Who Do You Think You Are? 2015 Season

Who Do You Think You Are? 2015 Season

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? takes celebrities on a journey into their personal histories, mining their surprising pasts to reveal unknown details about themselves and their families.

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The Willis Family

THE WILLIS FAMILY (wt), set to premiere May 5th at 10/9c, will follow Brenda and Toby Willis as they share the challenge of maintaining their large, fourteen-member family while keeping up with the workload required to manage their touring band.