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Photo for Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers

TLC explores modern-day miracles with an all-new series hosted by celebrated actress and producer Roma Downey. This six-part series follows the remarkable stories of people in life-threatening situations who have experiered moments so inexplicable, so incredible that they can only be described as divine intervention.


Photo for Brides Gone Styled

Brides Gone Styled

BRIDES GONE STYLED combines two of the network’s most beloved genres – wedding dresses and makeovers. Celebrity stylists Gretta Monahan and Robert Verdi make it their mission to take the worst of the worst dressed brides from wild to styled.


Photo for Curvy Brides

Curvy Brides

For brides with curvier figures, it can be especially trying when most stores only carry smaller sample sizes. Enter Yukia Walker and Yuneisia Harris – sisters and owners of Curvaceous Couture, a first-of-its-kind bridal salon specializing in couture gowns to fit all body types.


Photo for Dare to Wear

Dare to Wear

DARE TO WEAR literally flips the script on the makeover show construct. Host and style expert Tai Beauchamp asks two extreme fashion disasters on total opposite sides of the style spectrum to switch perspectives by swapping wardrobes.


Photo for Gypsy Sisters 2B

Gypsy Sisters 2B

In a brand new season, the Gypsy Sisters deal with their own set of drama in true gypsy fashion. With new additions and big life changes coming their way, the women must learn to lean on each other to get through it all.


Photo for I Am Jazz

I Am Jazz

Jazz Jennings has the life of a typical teenage girl – balancing school, sports, family, and more – with one difference: when she was born everyone assumed she was a boy, but as soon as she could talk, she let her family know that she was really a girl.


Photo for The Little Couple season 7B

The Little Couple season 7B

With Jen entering her second cancer-free year, and Bill steadily recovering from a recent back surgery, TLC’s favorite little couple is finally ready to focus on making memories and spending quality time with their kids.

Photo for Long Island Medium Season 6

Long Island Medium Season 6

(New York, NY) - Sunday, March 8, marks the return of everyone’s favorite medium with more surprise readings and a behind-the-scenes look into Theresa Caputo’s life. At 9/8c, Theresa and Larry kick off the new season of LONG ISLAND MEDIUM with a one-hour premiere as they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Photo for Love Lust or Run Season 2

Love Lust or Run Season 2

Just in time for TLC’s resident fashion guru to bring summer salvation to the fashionably challenged, Stacy London returns on Friday, June 12 at 9/8c in all-new episodes of LOVE, LUST OR RUN.


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Mother of All Weeks 2015

The celebration of all things mom can no longer be contained to just 24 hours. This year, TLC is naming May 3 - 10 the MOTHER OF ALL WEEKS, seven full days dedicated to new series, special programming and spending time with the network's favorite families.

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TLC EXPLORES NEW HEIGHTS IN A NEW FIVE-PART SERIES MY GIANT LIFE Premiering Tuesday, July 14th at 10/9c, the series follows four women living their above-average lives


Photo for Return to Amish Season 2

Return to Amish Season 2

The original Breaking Amish crew is back at home to help Mary pursue her dreams of owning her own bed and breakfast, but with tensions high and connections to the Amish church in peril, her dreams may not turn into reality.


Photo for Say Yes to the Dress Season 13

Say Yes to the Dress Season 13

New York, NY – With spring around the corner, wedding bells are back in NY as the original SAY YES TO THE DRESS returns to Friday nights. On March 6th at 10/9c, TLC premieres season 13 of the fan-favorite series with comedian and host of E!’s “Fashion Police”, Kathy Griffin.


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Who Do Think You Are? Summer 2015 Season

The two-time Emmy nominated series WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? returns this summer to share more fascinating stories, and shed light on surprising revelations, of the real life family history of celebrities.

Photo for The Willis Family

The Willis Family

THE WILLIS FAMILY (wt), set to premiere May 5th at 10/9c, will follow Brenda and Toby Willis as they share the challenge of maintaining their large, fourteen-member family while keeping up with the workload required to manage their touring band.