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The city of Phoenix, Arizona has grown rapidly over the past decade to become America's fifth-largest city. As the human population continues to increase, so does the number of pets - and subsequently, the number of animal abuse cases. ANIMAL COPS PHOENIX follows the work of the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) investigators and emergency animal medical technicians, a passionate group of people whose mission it is to protect the interests of these animals. ANIMAL COPS PHOENIX premieres every Tuesday at 2300hrs (11:00pm SIN/HK), starting August 25. Encores air on Wednesday at 0400hrs (4:00am SIN/HK), Saturday at 1400hrs (2:00pm SIN/HK) and 2000hrs (8:00pm SIN/HK), Sunday at 0100hrs (1:00am SIN/HK) and Monday at 1700hrs (5:00pm SIN/HK).

Meet the agents of the AHS. The 18-strong field operations team specializes in emergency rescue and they are fully trained to give medical treatment out in the field. Administering immediate medical care while on the way to the hospital is often a life-saver, as the team covers an area spanning up to 11,000 square miles. All of the team members are also trained to carry out investigations, to prevent animal cruelty and neglect, and to bring to justice those who perpetrate the crimes. Four specialist investigators work closely with the Phoenix police department on the more serious cases, and there is an adoptions team dedicated to providing the rescued animals' stories with the happy endings everyone is striving for. ANIMAL COPS PHOENIX also features rescues by several wildlife rescue organizations that the AHS works in cooperation with.

Share the highs and lows of the day-to-day work at the AHS, and get to know the investigators and agents who have dedicated their lives to rescuing sick, injured or abused animals.

ANIMAL COPS PHOENIX episode descriptions:

Episode 1: Missing Leg Mystery Investigator Marisa McHugh is faced with the mystery of a dog tied in a front yard with one of its legs missing.

Episode 2: Breeding Trouble Investigator Marisa McHugh and Supervisor Stacie DaBolt uncover disease and deformities in the fifty animals at the home of a former dog breeder.

Episode 3: Trailer Park Tragedy In this episode AHS Investigator Marlynn Barkley finds two dogs tied in a backyard in the glare of the Arizona sun - and one of them has a collar digging so deep into its neck that its jugular vein is exposed.

Episode 4: Highway Patrol An agent discovers a pair of dead dogs and two more which are emaciated and suffering from tick fever.

Future episodes TBC.