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Bindi The Jungle Girl

Premieres: Australasia on Oct 3 at 8:30 am

- Join the petite Wildlife Warrior and The Crocmen in Bindi's treehouse -

Following the footsteps of her excitable, khaki-clad father's mission to protect wildlife, the new season of BINDI THE JUNGLE GIRL swings into Animal Planet. Bindi Irwin is on a mission to save Mother Nature's most vulnerable and extraordinary animals, showing that one can never be too young to make a difference. Join Bindi and her band of eco-friendly Wildlife Warriors, The Crocmen as they hop around kangaroos, lie low with alligators, run amok with big cats, swim alongside whales and meet animals from all around the globe. 

From the elephants in Asia and the unusual wildlife in the Antarctica, to the big cats of Africa and Aussie icons like the koala and kangaroo, Bindi introduces us to animals from around the world that need our help the most. Also, Bindi gives us an exclusive peek at some of the footage from the Croc Hunter's amazing video library, including many premieres of Steve's adventures.

Bindi is truly her father's daughter, with boundless enthusiasm and nerves of steel that belie her 11 years. Be it tackling the problems of human intrusion or delving into the illegal wildlife trade, this Wildlife Warrior highlights these and many other issues that upset nature's balance. So come up to Bindi's treehouse and join her, her family, and The Crocmen as she champions the message of conservation with a catchy tune or two.

BINDI THE JUNGLE GIRL episode descriptions:

Not Many Left
Bindi takes us on a tour of her treehouse perched high in the jungle and introduces us to many of the animals who live with her. She brings focus to the animals that need our help the most and illustrates how wildlife is being pushed to the brink of extinction, as a result of with human intrusion.

Elephants at Work
Elephants have been the workhorses of Asia for centuries and Bindi looks at what they are up to today. Steve and his best mate Wes travel to Sri Lanka and discover elephants are not only used for work but are part of the culture and religion in some parts of Asia.

American Beauties
The entire Irwin family - Steve, Terri, Bindi and Robert - take a trip across the USA to look at some of the unusual and interesting symbols of American wildlife and national icons including elk, big horn sheep, black bears, bison, wolves, snakes, prairie dogs and alligators.

Cat Tracks 
Lions are the kings of Africa and these big cats are being monitored for research. Steve goes to South Africa to track a lioness and her cubs and comes face to face with a huge male lion. Back in her treehouse, Bindi shows off some smaller cats but discovers that even domestic cats can be feisty.

Aussie Icons
In this 'all Aussie' episode, Bindi, Steve and Terri look at some of the more unusual iconic animals and landmarks of Australia - koalas, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, possums, kookaburras and crocodiles, as well as the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

Mouthing Off
Animals in the wild have to live with toothache but in captivity they're given the very best of treatment. Steve assists with some dolphin and sea lion dentists in Hong Kong while Bindi, Wes and Terri try some dentistry of their own in the Jungle Girl's Treehouse.

Dogs R Wild
Bindi discovers that man's best friend the domestic dog has some pretty wild cousins: wild dogs from Africa, dingoes from Australia and wolves from the USA. Bindi learns that as domestic dogs originally descended from wolves, they are highly intelligent and can be trained to assist man in many ways.

End of the World
Bindi braves the cold and ice as her dad Steve takes a journey to the end of the world - the southern-most tip of South America and Antarctica to experience the unusual wildlife that thrives in the coldest parts of the world.

Like an Eagle
Bindi, Steve and Terri explore the world of big birds - macaws, cockatoos, vultures, condors and eagles - and the important role they play in the Animal Kingdom.

Prince Rajah
On this adventure, Bindi enters the arena of the big cats: lions and tigers. Bindi follows their growth and training with the tiger keepers as Steve enters the Tiger Temple at Australia Zoo to find out what it's like to be a tiger handler. 

Lizard Tales
Lizards rely on their tails for balance, speed and defence, and some lizard tails are longer than others. On this adventure, Bindi and Steve encounter lizards of all shapes and sizes from all over the world.

Animal ICU
Steve and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital team get to rescue thousands of animals each year. Many of the animals are injured and need specialized intensive care at the hospital - before they can be released safely back into the wild - where Bindi forms many close attachments with the patients.

Saving the Whales
On this adventure, Bindi dives into the world of whales to investigate their gentle and peaceful nature. Bindi looks at the many different species of whales and how many are endangered as a result of exploitation by man.  

Weirdest Wildlife
Some animals look just plain weird, as if they have been made up from leftover bits and pieces of other species. Bindi looks at some of the more unusual looking wildlife and notes their odd behaviour.

Boots, Bags and Belts
The second biggest illegal trade in the world is in wildlife. Endangered animals are being illegally killed everyday for their parts and turned into boots, bags and belts. Bindi and her family look at the plight of wildlife around the world as it gets pushed further into crisis.

Animals on the Move
Moving large aggressive, dangerous animals from one place to another can sometimes prove a huge challenge as Bindi soon finds out. Steve travels to Africa, Asia and all over Australia to help transport some of the biggest reluctant apex predators from old hideouts to new homes.

Los Angeles
Wildlife in the wild and in captivity sometimes needs human medical assistance to survive.  Vet science is making great advances in the world of animal surgery and Bindi looks at some of the more unusual operations for wildlife.

Monkey in the Jungle
Is a monkey an ape or is an ape a monkey? What is the difference? Bindi looks at the differences between the two groups of primates and discovers our closest relatives are not only uncannily human but are mostly in a lot of trouble.

Crocodilians are living dinosaurs - they've been around for millions of years and today there are some 23 different species in the world. But as Bindi discovers, most need our protection to live through the next century.

Poached eggs
Some animals poach eggs from the nests of others for food whereas some humans poach animals for the illegal wildlife trade. Bindi tails two kinds of poachers - animals and human - and cooks up a few egg dishes along the way.

Snake in the Grass
Bindi takes us into her world of snakes - venomous and harmless. With the help of Steve, Terri and Wes, Bindi looks at some of the most venomous snakes in the world to the most placid and docile snakes one can find.

Ocean's Ten
Bindi with the help of her dad count down ten of the most interesting creatures of the sea including whales, whale sharks, dolphins, tiger sharks, hammerheads, bull sharks, shovel nose sharks, sea snakes, grey nurse sharks and seals.

Animal Mysteries
From acupuncture on Asian elephants to the Grizzly bear's hibernation secrets, Bindi looks at some strange and interesting cases in the mysterious world of animals.

Devil Island
Island populations of unique species of animals can prove disastrous when a contagious disease hits their isolated habitat. Bindi meets some very vulnerable Tasmanian Devils, which are fighting an epidemic that could wipe out their entire population.

How Old are They
Do you ever wonder how old different animals are? Bindi investigates how long animals live in the wild, compared to those in captivity. From insects that live for only days to animals that live much longer than humans, this episode is all about longevity.

Bindi has her best friend Rosie and wildlife warriors, The Crocmen join her for a sleepover in her treehouse. Bindi introduces Rosie to all of her animals and reveals some behind-the-scenes secrets of making her TV show.