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Downsize My Pet

Is your dog often found begging under the table, scavenging in next doors’ bin, and pleading with passers-by for a wee tidbit? Does your cat cajole several meals at various houses around the neighborhood with disastrous results to its tummy? It is estimated that almost half of our furry friends in the world are overweight, and even more worryingly, some are morbidly obese and the numbers are rising. But that’s going to change – as podgy and tubby pets are put on a six-week health and fitness overhaul with expert duo veterinarian Sasha Nowell and animal trainer Alexis Banas, in the brand new series DOWNSIZE MY PET. Beginning 15 December, episodes of DOWNSIZE MY PET premiere every Monday at 2300 hours (11 pm SIN/HK) and encore every Saturday at 2000 hours (8 pm).

Just like the human obesity epidemic, a growing number of pets are suffering a long list of weight related problems including arthritis, heart and respiratory problems and diabetes all seriously affecting their well-being and shortening their lifespan. But our furry friends don’t make their own choices when it comes to eating lean cuisine or a fat filled burger and fries. In each episode of DOWNSIZE MY PET, vet Sasha Nowell takes each hapless owner to task over their overweight pet's appalling eating habits, and animal trainer Alexis Banas whips their flabby four-legged bodies and bad behaviors into gear. But can these doting owners force their furry friends off the couch and back on track in time to complete their ultimate fitness challenge?

In order to remind their owners that their pets really don’t need that much food, they’ll be appointed “Crash Diet Doggie Dummy” – and fed the human equivalent of food portions their pets have been eating for 24 hours. Having to stomach 14 eggs and eight strips of bacon for breakfast; three kilos of luncheon sausage just for lunch; a whole tray of cheesecake for afternoon tea and much more for dinner and supper - it's certainly a lesson they'll never forget!

Tune in to catch this highly entertaining information and action-packed series which promises to revolutionize the way we care for our precious pets to keep them healthy for the rest of their natural lives in DOWNSIZE MY PET.