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Elephants Uncovered

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Mar 3 at 9:00 pm; North Asia on Mar 6 at 9:00 pm; Australasia on Mar 2 at 9:30 pm


Did you know that elephants talk to each other long distance? Or that all elephants crave for salt? This month, Animal Planet' programming special ELEPHANTS UNCOVERED takes you into the world of the elephant to witness their social behaviour, their significance to society, how they live, and the threats they face including habitat destruction and poaching. From Kenya's African elephants to their Asian cousins in Thailand to the Pygmy elephants of Borneo, find out about these magnificent animals in ELEPHANTS UNCOVERED, featuring a line-up of five special programmes. 

Elephants exhibit high levels of intelligence and complex social behaviour, including communication. Like most mammals, elephants are capable of demonstrating care and concern for their loved ones, be it sharing joy, taking care of weak or injured family members or grieving over a dead companion. These pachyderms have endeared themselves to many and play a significant role in various cultures across the world. Unfortunately, they are also coveted as big game trophies and killed for their prized tusks, which has driven some populations to the brink of extinction. Animal Planet's ELEPHANTS UNCOVERED showcases these intriguing animals and highlights some of the issues they face today.

Saba Douglas Hamilton, who grew up among elephants, gives us a rare look into Kenya's Samburu Reserve and reveals the lives and loves of African elephants in ELEPHANTS OF SAMBURA. Witness the rivalry and passion as the biggest male in the park fights over a female, a baby elephant gets washed away in a flooded river and an orphaned elephant is found starving, alone and in need of rescue.

One of nature's most beloved characters, Echo the elephant, is one of the grand old matriarchs of Amboseli National Park in Kenya. She has led her family through good times and bad, deaths, drought, floods, poaching, the threat of mass tourism and big game hunting. But she is fast approaching her final years and does not have much longer to live. Who will succeed her as the matriarch of this extraordinary family? And what challenges will her successor face in the new era? Find out in the heartwarming ECHO OF THE ELEPHANTS - THE FINAL CHAPTER, featuring extraordinary archival footage of Echo.

Thousands of elephants once roamed China's vast continent. Today, only two hundred and fifty are left in the jungles of Yunnan, China in a remote place called Xishuangbanna. What has caused this severe drop in their population? Can they be saved, or will their numbers continue to dwindle drastically? CHINA'S LAST ELEPHANTS documents the quest of one woman, Grace Gabriel and wildlife cameraman, Richard Kirby as they race against time to save and capture snapshots of these animals in the wild before they are gone forever.

Elephants have played dual roles of peace and power in Thailand - both as sacred animals and as warriors. KINGDOM OF THE ELEPHANT explores the complex bond between elephants and the people of Thailand, unveiling an intimate tale of war, love, friendship and strife. As told by a father to his daughter, a young Mahout (elephant driver) in training, KINGDOM OF THE ELEPHANT is a modern day story of a girl and her elephant, and chronicles how elephants and their Mahouts have helped shape a nation.

The exotic island of Borneo is home to a species of elephant unlike any other on the planet: the Pygmies. Standing three feet shorter than their African cousins, these diminutive giants face extinction unless immediate action is taken to protect them. BORNEO'S PYGMY ELEPHANTS is the story of a remarkable relationship between a single man, Bert Dausip, and the extraordinary animals he has devoted himself to and will give everything to protect.

Get to know these gentle giants and those who have made it their life's mission to conserve the elephants' dwindling population in ELEPHANTS UNCOVERED. Only on Animal Planet.