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Premieres: Southeast Asia on Dec 5-26 at 9:00 pm; North Asia on Oct 6 at 11:00 pm; Australasia on Dec 3-31 at 9:30 pm

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Europe may be the world's second-smallest continent by surface area, but this vacation hotspot is also has an unexpectedly diverse range of wildlife. This month, Animal Planet's EUROPE UNCOVERED sheds light on some of Europe's creatures that thrive beyond the fences of an average zoo. EUROPE UNCOVERED features a line-up of four programmes - NATURAL WORLD: EAGLE ISLAND, FOUR ALPS, NAPOLI DOGS, and WOLVERINE REVEALED. Please refer to the individual programme descriptions for airing details.

Europe provides a never-ending journey of discoveries from ancient ruins to mouthwatering cuisine and spectacular panorama, and millions flock there every year to experience holidays throughout all four seasons. Beyond the tourist touts and travel brochures, little is known about the wildlife that resides around these magnificent landscapes. From the Isle of Mull to Finland, EUROPE UNCOVERED highlights some of the continent's wildlife.

Cameraman Gordon Buchanan returns to his birthplace and trains his lens on the magnificent birds of prey in NATURAL WORLD: EAGLE ISLAND. In FOUR ALPS, learn about the history of this great mountain range and the creatures that inhabit it. NAPOLI DOGS tells the story of seven stray dogs, their amazing survival strategies amidst the city jungle, and the bonds between the pack. WOLVERINE REVEALED follows Finnish photographer Antti Leinonen as he captures the touching tale of a female wolverine trying to raise her two kits in the face of opposition from a resident male.

EUROPE UNCOVERED programme descriptions:

The stunning landscapes of the Isle of Mull provide a beautiful backdrop for this insider's guide to its wildlife. It's the perfect place to film wildlife as the island's blend of mountains, forests, coastline, and moorland is home to a huge array of wildlife. Otters, minke whales, seals, golden eagles and rare white-tailed eagles represent just a small part of the island's incredible biodiversity. Join the inimitable cameraman Gordon Buchanan as he turns the lens on his birthplace to give an unparalleled insight into the wild characters of this remarkable island.

FOUR ALPS is the story of time: of how mountains are born from the inner violence of the Earth, thrust up to dominate the land for millions upon millions of years, but inevitably will fade away with the ceaseless erosion of time. As the mountains fade away into the future and new mountains are born, who knows what new species will evolve to live amidst their distant peaks?

Seven dogs - utterly diverse characters with diverse looks - form the inner circle of a notorious four-legged street gang, the NAPOLI DOGS. They are known all around Naples and feared by many. When it comes to staking out their territory, they can be very tough. This film tells the story of runaway domestic dogs braving the city jungle, of their amazing survival strategies and of the rituals reconfirming the bonds between the members of the pack.

Hidden in the snow-covered forests of Finland lurks one of the most elusive creatures on earth -the wolverine. Other than its aggressive reputation, much about this maligned species is covered in a shroud of mystery. Now tracker and photographer Antti Leinonen wants to put the record straight. He's been hot on the heels of one wolverine clan for almost a decade, using every trick in nature's book and a few of his own, to reveal the lives of wild wolverines and capture an intimate true portrait of the animal behind the myth.