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From perming poodles to giving scared puppies their first haircut - being a pet groomer is a challenging job. Which of the twelve groomers on this season's GROOMER HAS IT will be judged the best at what they do? Join host Jai Rodriguez as he leads the groomers through their tests, which include baking doggie biscuits and giving rescued stray dogs a makeover.
Beginning January 4, episodes of GROOMER HAS IT premiere every Sunday at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Episodes encore on Monday at 0400 hrs (4:00 am).

Just as humans need daily grooming to look and feel good, so do pets. That is where the professional pet groomer comes in, with shampoo, clippers and combs, combined with a love and understanding of pets. From everyday neatness to primping up for a competition, the groomer plays a special role in keeping dogs healthy and presentable. In each episode of GROOMER HAS IT, the groomers are set challenges that test their patience, skills and perseverance. Who will survive all the tests give by both humans and animals?

Find out how the professionals make your pet look its best on the following episodes of GROOMER HAS IT:

  • First Things First
    Twelve dog groomers from all walks of life meet to compete in the most unique grooming competition ever. Host Jai Rodriguez informs them that at stake are a $50,000 cash prize, a state-of-the-art mobile grooming truck, and the title of ‘Groomer of the Year'. The groomers dig into their first challenge immediately: identifying dogs by their breed - blindfolded. After feeling their way through this challenge, the groomers move in to the Dog House, where they will be living together through the course of the competition.
    Premieres on Sunday, January 4 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Monday, January 5 at 0400 hrs (4:00 am).
  • Herd Mentality
    The groomers are itching to get to work on some real dogs, but Jai wants to test the groomers' clipper skills in a more unconventional way - by shearing sheep. Divided into pairs of two, the groomers race to see which team can create the cleanest cut in the fastest time. Back at the salon, the groomers have to clean up the very same Bearded Collies that herded the sheep they sheared. Which groomer can best untangle all the mats and remove the dirt, and which groomer will find himself herded right out of the competition?
    Premieres on Sunday, January 11 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Monday, January 12 at 0400 hrs (4:00 am).
  • Ruff Customers
    The groomers have some very demanding clients, including a very unpredictable Danny Bonaduce. Some groomers put their best face forward and wow their clients, while some crack under the pressure. At the salon, the groomers are faced with even tougher customers - puppies getting their first haircuts. The groomers work extra hard to give the cuddly but feisty puppies the best first grooming imaginable, but in the end, one groomers' work doesn't make the cut, and that groomer leaves the competition in tears.
    Premieres on Sunday, January 18 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Monday, January 19 at 0400 hrs (4:00 am).
  • The Fashion Show
    The groomers know a lot about clipping, but what do they know about couture? Their design skills are put to the test as they develop concepts and create fashions for the first-ever Groomer Has It Poodle Fashion Show. Tempers flare as the groomers butt heads about design choices. The creative tension carries all the way through the grooming process and right onto the runway. In a twist, the poorest performing team must eliminate one of their own, and the anxiety runs high as one outspoken groomer gets stabbed in the back by his teammates.
    Premieres on Sunday, January 25 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Monday, January 26 at 0400 hrs (4:00 am).
  • Meowza!
    This week, the groomers learn to handle the unexpected, starting with an intensive doggie first aid and CPR course. Which groomers are able to act the fastest when their dogs' lives are on the line? At the salon, the groomers face an even more surprising situation, as they discover that all their clients this week are bringing in cats. The groomers try every trick in the book to get friendly with their feisty feline customers, but it's at the judging and elimination where the claws really come out.
    Premieres on Sunday, February 1 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Monday, January 2 at 0400 hrs (4:00 am).
  • Chow Time
    Jai takes the groomers to a world-class dog treat bakery, where they create and bake their own delicious doggie treats. Little do the groomers know that they are also part of the taste-testing panel! After the groomers chow down, they head to the salon to encounter a different kind of chow - Chow Chows. Even the most experienced groomers get rattled as these temperamental dogs get feisty on the grooming tables, but the Chows' bark is nothing compared to the judges' bite in the elimination room.
    Premieres on Sunday, February 8 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Monday, February 9 at 0400 hrs (4:00 am).
  • Episodes 7-12
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