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The Haunted

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Nov 1 at 11:00 pm; North Asia on Nov 4 at 9:00 pm; Australasia on Dec 7 at 9:30 pm

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- True stories of animal encounters with the paranormal -

Animals are commonly thought to be more sensitive to the spirit world than humans are. Both in this world and beyond, animals have often been the focus of spirit encounters. Animal Planet's THE HAUNTED is a chilling brand new series that delves into the frightening true stories of animal and human hauntings. Experience real-life human and animal drama when Earthly beings meet the supernatural on THE HAUNTED.

How would you react if your dog started barking furiously at what seems to be an empty basement? What would you think if animals suddenly recoiled from the presence of your family member? Who would you believe - your dog, or your daughter? And what would you do? Welcome to the eerie world of THE HAUNTED, Animal Planet's brand new original, 10-part series.

THE HAUNTED tells the true stories of people whose animals act as mediaries to the afterworld. Often the subjects of the most intense paranormal hauntings, animals are commonly believed to be more sensitive to spirits than people are. Pets have been reported to act strangely in certain locations, and even towards certain people, indicating - as some believe - a supernatural presence. Hear the true stories of strange and unexplained occurrences on THE HAUNTED, documented by teams of paranormal investigators who were called in to examine and record these peculiar events.

THE HAUNTED episode descriptions:

Terror at Maple Dale Farm
In peaceful and idyllic Barkhamsted, Connecticut, Donna Santos spent many years rescuing and saving animals, giving them a safe haven. All that changed when Donna and her family were terrorised by a malicious presence that wreaked havoc on the well-being of their animals. Their horses - routinely locked in their regular stalls at night - would be moved around into different stalls in the morning. Someone, or something, must have moved the horses.

Lost Souls of the Asylum
Two computer company owners buy an old building that was previously an asylum and later, an animal testing lab. When they begin hearing unexplainable sounds, seeing shadow figures and receiving complaints from their workers, they call in a paranormal team for help. The paranormal team, together with their police dog, Ben, gathers evidence that suggests the location is haunted by spirits of tortured souls.

Murder at the Black Horse
When Al Stempo and his wife Maria purchased a 200-year-old building to open a new restaurant and bar, they had no idea they were buying a place that was rumoured to be haunted. When their beloved Yorkie disappears and the family Doberman has a vicious reaction to the restaurant's basement, Al and Maria decide to search for answers. They discover that the building was once the home to a notorious gangster who was shot and killed in their basement.

The Ghost Box Prophecies
When Vicky Johnson's daughter decided to take up ghost hunting with some friends, she thought of it merely as an amusing hobby. When her daughter returns from an infamous abandoned hospital known for mistreating patients, Vicky's animals' behaviour changes drastically. The family invites a paranormal team to their home and with their help come to the conclusion that something must have attached itself to Vicki's daughter during her ghost hunt.

Demon House
Jay and Elke Yaple have been waging a ceaseless war against the unseen forces occupying their 200-year-old home. One night, Elke hears these words come over here baby monitor "You are all going to die!" and soon after, the Yaples hear a loud crash coming from their children's bedroom. They then run into the room and find bloody handprints on the baby's crib. Incredibly, there are no signs of blood anywhere on the children.

Lady in White
After living in their home for over ten years, the Weaver family never experienced anything out of the ordinary. Then, they had a guest come live with them and their animals began reacting to something no one could see. But it wasn't long before the humans began seeing what the animals were seeing - the ghost of a woman who once lived near their house!

Leave House
When Laura Satterfield's dogs were frightened by something in her new house, the last thing she thought it could be was the spirit of someone who may have once lived in her home. However, the apparition of a man in a military uniform convinced her there was something paranormal and evil in her house. Fearing for her family, Laura sought help from a paranormal team who captured, what they believe, is a video of an actual ghost.

The Possession of Cassie
Upon moving into their new home, a single mother and her two kids become perplexed when their dogs begin to act up - barking and growling at seemingly nothing. But it isn't until they start hearing rumours around town that they bought a haunted house that they really take notice. Then one night, one of the girls is attacked by an unseen presence and is scratched on her face and her back. When the family calls in a paranormal team and one of their members is attacked in the same room as the girl, the family flees from their home.

The Door
When Laza Denison and her daughters move into their new home, they are thrilled by its size and beauty. Their excitement quickly fades when they are terrorised by an unseen entity determined to run them out of the house. After their dog is kicked clear across the room by this invisible force, the family calls in a paranormal team to help them deal with their problem. What the team discovers convinces Laza that her house is indeed haunted and her family is in serious danger.

Leave Now or Die
When Gloria and her husband Roy find the words "Leave Now or Die" spray-painted on their house, they brush it off as local kids playing pranks. However after hearing terrifying animal-like growls and waking up with a cross scribbled on her forehead, they call in a paranormal team for help. During an investigation, one of the team members is attacked and possessed by an unknown entity. Fearing for the lives, they leave but return with a demonologist to rid the property of what they believe to be a demon.