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Premieres: Southeast Asia on Dec 15 at 9:00 pm; North Asia on Oct 6 at 11:00 pm; North Asia on Nov 12 at 10:00 pm; Australasia on Nov 4 at 7:30 pm

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- HUMAN PREY brings you the gripping stories of those who survived savage animal attacks -

The fear of being attacked and eaten alive by a wild animal is a primeval, deeply rooted, universal dread. It is the stuff of fairy tales, horror films and nightmares. But for some people it is a terrifying reality. Tune into Animal Planet's new series HUMAN PREY, and hear the harrowing stories of individuals who have been viciously attacked by wild animals and lived to tell the tale.

Humans have long been at the top of the food chain, but what happens when the predator becomes prey? Can we survive against animals that are built stronger and faster than us? In an event where animals are guided by sheer killer instinct, mere seconds of ingenuity could make a difference between life and death. HUMAN PREY brings you the amazing stories of those who have been attacked, and how they managed to survive despite the odds. See what happens in situations where humans have to defend themselves against an attack. From Great White sharks to grizzly bears, coyotes to crocodiles, witness incredible tales of those who have narrowly escaped the claws and jaws of death.

HUMAN PREY episode descriptions:

Killers on the Loose
A Texan man's visit to an African chimp sanctuary becomes a deadly struggle when he and his guide are attacked by the colony's escaped alpha male; Idaho Zoo's 'Feast for the Beast' fundraiser takes a bloody turn when a 600-pound Siberian tiger breaks free and pursues one of the organisers; and, a police officer faces an angry bull when the animal escapes from a 'bloodless' Massachusetts bullfight and goes on a rampage.

Killers of the Savannah
Focused on helping a pregnant, wounded lioness, an unarmed South African conservationist unwittingly ends up face-to-face with one of the pride's aggressive, young males; camping without a tent during his Zambezi River adventure, a sleeping pilot attracts a hungry hyena; and, when a two-day hunt for a rogue lioness goes awry, the animal hunts down the game warden himself.

Killer Bears
While hiking through Montana's Glacier National Park, a father and daughter are attacked by a raging grizzly intent on protecting her cubs; after visiting the hot springs in a remote British Columbia nature park, a mother and son are mauled by a hungry 400-pound black bear; and, while on a two-week game shoot in the Alaskan wilderness, the tables turn on a pastor and his best friend when they are ambushed by a grizzly.

River Killers
While on the job at an exclusive Tampa, Florida golf club, an experienced golf ball diver is attacked by a territorial, 400-pound alligator; an Australian policeman's snorkeling trip turns into a bloody battle for his life when he is dragged under by an 12-foot saltwater crocodile; and, while leading a Zambezi River safari, an experienced guide is savagely attacked by an aggressive hippopotamus defending its turf.

Killer Cats and Dogs
On a camping trip in the Canadian wilderness, a family is unwittingly stalked by a hungry and opportunistic wolf; while mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon, a suburban Virginia man is repeatedly attacked by a rabid coyote; and, a mountain bike excursion in a California wilderness park becomes a life-and-death struggle when a cyclist is pounced upon by a cougar.

Killer Sharks
While diving for shellfish off Cape Howe, an Australian man ends up inside the jaws of a Great White shark; training for a triathlon off the Alabama coast, a swimmer meets an aggressive bull shark on the prowl for an early breakfast; and, determined to maintain his championship spear fishing title, an Australian man inadvertently becomes bait for a 15-foot long Great White shark.