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Premieres: Southeast Asia on Jul 1 at 11:00 pm; North Asia on Jul 4 at 11:00 pm; Australasia on Aug 25 at 7:30 pm

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This month on Animal Planet's new series I'M ALIVE, find out how victims of real-life animal attacks managed to beat the odds and live to tell the tale. From a wild elephant attack in China to bull shark assault in the Bahamas, it is 'Holiday from Hell' meets 'Animals Gone Wild' on Animal Planet's I'M ALIVE.

Going beyond your average Man-Meets-Nature encounter, I'M ALIVE is a gripping series where exotic locations turn into the backdrop for survival. I'M ALIVE features the amazing stories of people who survived life-threatening bites or unexpected attacks by some of nature's deadliest creatures. A routine training exercise becomes a fight for survival for a lifeguard who is attacked by a Great White shark in South Africa. A new job almost becomes a man's last when he is struck five times by one of the world's deadliest snakes in Australia. A lakeside engagement party turns into an afternoon of terror when a guest is attacked by an alligator in Florida.

Driven by thoughts of loved ones and the will to live, the victims had to summon every ounce of psychological and physical strength to overcome fear, shock, and pain in these moments of chaos. Featuring victim interviews and true-to-life reenactments, I'M ALIVE immerses you in the experience of those involved. Relive each harrowing experience as the victims recount their deadly encounters, hear about the split-second decisions that saved their lives and how they managed to overcome the odds, in the following episodes of I'M ALIVE.

Journeys tells two extraordinary stories of survival from far flung corners of the globe. After being bitten by a Black Widow spider, Mike Makens fights through seven days of excruciating pain as his family risks everything to smuggle an illegal antivenin into the United States. On the other side of the world, Jeremy McGill finds himself far from family and friends after being gored by a wild elephant in China that leaves him clinging onto life.

Blood Saviors
From Florida and South Africa come two heroic stories of triumph over adversity. After being attacked by a Bull shark in the shallow waters off the coast of Florida, 16-year-old Craig Hutto faces a terrifying battle for survival as his family struggles to help him. In a game reserve, a wedding celebration comes to a horrific conclusion when the father of the bride is attacked by a leopard. Piet van der Walt and his family face a harrowing ordeal far from any medical facilities in the heart of the African bush.

From a warzone to a family game farm, danger comes in many forms. For Staff Sergeant Monique Munro-Harris, a sting from a Deathstalker scorpion while deployed in Iraq necessitates a risky medical airlift over enemy territory. In a lion reserve owned by a family friend, Dane Keiser falls prey to three huge lions. As his terrified mother looks on helplessly, Dane is dragged into the enclosure where he begins a battle for his life.

In Florida, a rattlesnake strikes deputy sheriff Brandon Parker while he and a friend are hiking deep in the woods. Far from help, Brandon knows he faces overwhelming odds, but a single motivation keeps him fighting - the thought of his baby daughter. In Hawaii, Tonga Loumoli is night diving with his long-time dive partner when a crocodile needlefish impales him in the chest. Terribly injured, his only chance of survival is for his friend to haul him over a mile of open water to the shore.

After seeing the limits of their own mortality, two individuals rise to new heights after staring death in the face. Lifeguard Achmat Hassiem is attacked by a Great White shark during a training exercise off the South African coast, threatening to end this athlete's dreams of competing in the Olympics. Thousands of miles away, a game of golf becomes a frightening race against time after karate expert Bruce Kanegai is bitten by a Rattlesnake.

Out of the Blue
Karen and Charlie Folger take their family to see their new home in rural Texas, but when the family stumbles into a swarm of Africanised "killer" bees, their excursion takes a sudden and horrific turn. On vacation in the Bahamas, Krishna Thompson and his wife are celebrating their tenth anniversary when a Bull shark attacks. Far from home the couple must confront tragedy as Krishna battles to stay alive.

From across the globe come two breathtaking stories of brotherhood and heroism. Unlikely friends Melvin Mammah and Gary Brown leave to visit a chimpanzee sanctuary in the jungles of Sierra Leone, not knowing that 35 chimps have just escaped. The two men are thrust into a brutal fight for their lives that neither will ever forget. In France, David Dunn is enjoying a family vacation when a European viper strikes. As David's daughter watches in horror, his brother must race against time to save David's life.

Last Man Standing
Alone in the wilderness, two experts confront the extremes of human endurance as they fight to stay alive. On a remote Alaskan Island, Dr. John Raster's annual vacation turns to horror when he is mauled by a Brown bear. Beyond earshot of his friends, he must save the life of his most important patient: himself. Deep in the South African bush, hundreds of miles from safety, a deadly black mamba strikes wildlife researcher Danie Pienaar. With his life ebbing away, his only option is to hike to help before the venom shuts his body down.

A New Day
As their lives take new and unexpected turns, two people come face-to-face with death and must fight for their survival. In Florida, a lakeside celebration of a friend's engagement turns tragic when Kasey Edwards is attacked by an alligator. In Australia, Bruce Campton and his brother-in-law accept a job with catastrophic consequences after he is struck five times by one of the world's deadliest snakes, the Death Adder. 

This episode tells two stories of survivors that cover the full breadth of tragedy and loss, triumph and hope. After a Black bear attacks her family in a Tennessee park, Susan Cenkus risks her own life to save her children. In Miami, Lawrence van Sertima is bitten by one of the deadliest snakes in the world, a Taipan, on the worst day imaginable - September 11, 2001. With the only antivenin a six-hour flight away and all planes grounded, Lawrence faces an agonising battle.