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Indonesia Uncovered

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Sept 5 at 9:00 pm; Australasia on Sept 3 at 9:30 pm; North Asia on Sept 5 at 9:00 pm


The Indonesian archipelago is a bizarre mix of hidden unperturbed nature and traffic-clogged cities. Though her cities grapple with seething urban evolution and religious tension, most of Indonesia's territory remains unexplored, concealing a bounty of cultures, wildlife, and myriad of landscapes. Featuring a special line-up of four popular adventure-packed programmes, Animal Planet's INDONESIA UNDISCOVERED goes on a journey through the archipelago - from the heart of the rainforest to the tops of the volcanoes, from a primate power struggle to the plight of the great Mola-Mola.

With more than 17,000 islands straddling the equator across nearly 5,000 km, the Indonesian archipelago is teeming with weird and wonderful flora and fauna. Animal Planet's INDONESIA UNDISCOVERED takes you on an eye-opening journey with WILD INDONESIA: ISLAND CASTAWAYS, EQUATOR: BATTLES FOR THE LIGHT, THE ORANGUTAN KING and GREAT OCEAN ADVENTURES 2: THE GIANT SUNFISH.

There are 155 active volcanoes in Indonesia today. With an eruption rate of one per day, it is the most violent volcanic region on Earth. What happens to the wildlife when these volcanoes erupt? WILD INDONESIA: ISLAND CASTAWAY chronicles the survival instincts of castaways, which have been isolated on the distant islands of Komodo, Sulawesi and Borneo.

Seemingly calm to outsiders, the rainforests of Southeast Asia are a vicious battleground as the hundreds and thousands of species that inhabit it fight for light, food and life. In EQUATOR: BATTLES FOR THE LIGHT, witness how rapid evolution encourages cunning strategies that help plants and animals stake their claims in this complex environment.

Meet Kusasi, The Orangutan King, who is faced with a crisis. After 15 years as the unchallenged alpha male of Camp Leakey, a new rival enters the game. Unlike Kusasi, Win is in his prime - with time on his side. Is the young pretender powerful enough to overthrow the old ruler?

Go on a mission on GREAT OCEAN ADVENTURES 2: THE GIANT SUNFISH as a trail of tantalising clue leads host Monty Halls to Bali's most remote locations for a heart stopping encounter with the largest bony fish in the sea: the Giant Sunfish, or Mola-Mola.

INDONESIA UNCOVERED leaves no stone unturned. Come along and uncover the magic and mystery of Indonesia on Animal Planet.