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Get ready for the ride of your life. Nearly 10 times a day during the famous 30-day Oak Tree Meet at the Santa Anita Race Track, the world's most skilled JOCKEYS and the boldest thoroughbreds line up at the gate to compete for big bucks - or go home broke - risking life and limb in their quest for glory. Competition comes from across the country and around the world, everyone in search of elusive winnings, all for the love of horse racing. Minutes before the race, the JOCKEYS clad in their colorful "silks" mount up. They sometimes have as little as 10 minutes to bond with their horses, each relying on the other for success and survival. JOCKEYS premieres every Monday at 2300hs (11:00pm SIN/HK), starting from August 10. Encores air on Tuesday at 0400hrs (4:00am SIN/HK), Friday at 1400hrs (2:00pm SIN/HK) and 2000hrs (8:00pm SIN/HK), Saturday at 0100hrs (1:00pm SIN/HK) and Monday at 1700hrs (5:00pm SIN/HK).

JOCKEYS is a docu-drama chronicling the lives and careers of seven 112-pound JOCKEYS and their 1,200-pound horses. See who crosses the finish line first in the quest to win a share of more than USD$35 million in purse money at the prestigious Oak Tree Meet. Sixty-eight years ago at Oak Tree, the infamous Seabiscuit saw his final victory, and now, these seven JOCKEYS and their horses aspire to make history as well.

Cameras take viewers on and off the track - from their homes to the jock's room where we see how these athletes physically and emotionally prepare for each race. At the starting gate, the anxious energy of the horse and jockey must be contained within their stall. With JOCKEYS and horses fatally injured each year, the ambulance engines are on and ready for action at a moment's notice. In the stands, revelers wait with baited breath to see which horse-and-rider team takes the lead‚ and if everyone finishes safely. -more- 2-2-2

The drama for these JOCKEYS doesn't end when the race is finished. Off the track, gorgeous jockey Chantal Sutherland makes the emotional decision to leave her family in Canada for California to be closer to her boyfriend, fellow jockey Mike Smith, and ride at Santa Anita racetrack.

Joe Talamo's high school girlfriend ponders whether or not she can be in a relationship where each phone call could mean Joe has had a bone-breaking - or worse - deadly fall. Family man Aaron Gryder worries that his children will grow up afraid that their daddy could be hurt at any given moment, but he's driven by the hope of finding the next horse that will take him to "the big time."

Audiences will get to know the lives of these seven JOCKEYS, their personalities, strengths and flaws. They all have big dreams and even bigger egos, and are determined to cross the finish line first - every time. For these JOCKEYS, everything they have is riding on the next 30 days at the Oak Tree Meet, which leads up to some of the most important races of the season - The Breeders' Cup, two days of high stakes racing that can canonize a rider's career.

JOCKEYS episode descriptions:

Episode 1: Starting Gate 
Enter the dangerous world of thoroughbred horse racing where viewers are introduced to a fierce rivalry between JOCKEYS Joe Talamo and Aaron Gryder. These two JOCKEYS couldn't be more different - Joe's an 18-year-old hotshot who's nipping at the heels of family man Aaron, 20 years his senior. Meanwhile, top Canadian jockey Chantal Sutherland makes the big move to southern California to boost her career and to save her fragile romantic relationship with Hall of Famer Mike Smith. During Opening Day of the prestigious Oak Tree Meet at Santa Anita, there is a crash! Friends and loved ones look on from the stands as viewers are left to wonder who took the potentially fatal fall.

Episode 2: One Good Horse After his disappointing finish on Opening Day, Mike Smith looks for redemption aboard Zenyatta, an undefeated filly with the potential not only to be a Breeders' Cup Champion, but also Horse of the Year. Despite his Hall of Fame status, Mike still has to fight to stay on top with younger Jockeys at constant pursuit, like Australian newcomer Kayla Stra. In trying to establish herself at the highest level of the sport, Kayla must overcome both a troubled past and the inherent obstacles of being a woman in a man's world.

Episode 3: At What Cost Another young jockey arrives on the scene. Fresh from a string of victories in the Midwest, Brandon Meier hopes to build a racing career to rival that of his jockey father. But, like many of his fellow riders, Brandon must decide how far he will go to maintain his weight at a competitive level. Will he risk his heath for success on the racetrack? And, after failing to find her way to the winners' circle, Kayla Stra faces a tough decision: should she continue to fight against the odds or pack it up and head home to Australia?

Episode 4: Losing Grace Mike Smith and Chantal Sutherland seek a balance between their competitive working lives and their attempt to create a home together. Things heat up between Joe Talamo and Aaron Gryder after Joe gets a win aboard a horse named for Aaron's daughter.

Future episodes TBC.