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Monster Bug Wars

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Every day bugs battle each other for survival. Their weapons of
destruction have evolved over millions of years, from cunning
camouflage and armour plate exoskeletons to lethal toxins and
crushing mandibles.
Monster Bug Wars! introduces you to these miniature warriors. Discover the
Giant Mantis, a master hunter armed with a vice-like grip that
squeezes the life out of its prey; the Redback Spider, a killer with
one of the most lethal venoms of any other arachnid; and an army
of Bull Ants on the warpath, ready to destroy anything that gets in
its way.
Monster Bug Wars takes you into the hidden micro world of kill or be killed,
revealing the combatants' unique defenses and armaments, and
their killer strategies. Witness this relentless war, where creatures
go toe-to-toe in nature's ultimate fight to the death.