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Monsters Inside Me 2

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Dec 16 at 10:00 pm; North Asia on Nov 15 at 8:00 pm; Australasia on Nov 3 at 7:30 pm

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- Animal Planet reveals the threats of unseen predators that lurk in our bodies -

A tropical vacation becomes a nightmare when a ruthless killer strikes. A young boy falls prey to a vicious attacker, leaving his life hanging by a thread. But the villains aren't criminals - or even humans - but a microbe or creature that is too tiny to be spotted by the naked eye. MONSTERS INSIDE ME reveals the drama and stories of people whose lives were forever altered by an encounter with a parasite. Find out what chaos and damage these critters are capable of when the second season of MONSTERS INSIDE ME premieres this month.

Germs and microscopic amoeba invisible to the human eye, worms and insects thirsty for blood... diminutively, yet deceptively deadly. These organisms prey on humans, creating chaos within our bodies. The second season of MONSTERS INSIDE ME features more parasites that can easily hijack our bodies, disable our immune systems, and drain us of life.

A fourth grade teacher's liver is being destroyed from within and no doctor knows why. A young dance instructor is crippled before doctors find a huge mass unlike any they have seen before. A firefighter battles for his own life when his brain begins to swell. From isolated cases to massive outbreaks, catch the gripping real-life battles between modern medicine and evolution as these individuals fight off their unseen and unwelcomed assailants in the following episodes of MONSTERS INSIDE ME.

Cold Blooded Killers 
A nine-year-old hockey prodigy is attacked by a brain-eating monster and brought to the brink of death. A computer programmer from Virginia loses control of his mind when his body is invaded by the deadliest parasite on Earth.

Suicide Attackers 
A fit and active dance instructor is suddenly stopped in her tracks by unbearable abdominal pain and a mysterious mass in her colon turns out to be a haven for decaying worms. A scientist finds worms from Africa living under his skin and in his eyes.

Feeding Frenzy 
Parasites are organisms that latch onto living hosts and they are united by a primal urge - the need to feed. An invisible attacker ravages a fourth grade teacher from the inside out while a ticking time bomb threatens to end a young dancer's career.

A three-year-old begins having extreme bouts of vomiting and diarrhea; her parents think she just has stomach flu. But when she loses a third of her body weight in only a few days, they are left desperate and helpless.

Flesh Eaters 
A seemingly innocent cat scratch leaves a veterinary volunteer with a raised and growing wound on her chest. When it begins to move, she is horrified by the thought of a monster growing inside her. 

An eight-year-old girl begins having daily stomach cramps, when the stomach pains become unbearable, a stool sample reveals that she has become a living refuge for a host of common parasites.

An Iraq war veteran wakes in the middle of the night with an uncontrollable urge to relieve himself, but a foot-long worm he pulls from inside him will change his life forever.

Double Agents 
A Californian man investigates hookworms as a way to cure his allergies, but there is just one problem - no lab is willing to sell him any. Then, a writer gets writer's block when an unseen bloodsucker gets into his nose and refuses to budge.

Homegrown Enemies 
After a biopsy of her intestines, doctors find thousands of silent monsters living in a mother's tissue but she has never left the country. This episode features three stories of parasitic infection with one thing in common - they are all native to America.

Shape Shifters 
A war is raging between parasites and their hosts, but the human body is attacking with powerful chemicals and robust immune systems.