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Predators Uncovered

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Jan 6 at 9:00 pm; North Asia on Jan 2 at 9:00 pm; Australasia on Jan 5 at 8:30 pm

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It's every animal for itself as killer instinct strikes this month on Animal Planet's programming special PREDATORS UNCOVERED. Featuring a line-up of teeth-gnashing programmes such as Swamp Cats, Killer Ants, Fur Seals: The Dark Side and Africa's Super Seven, PREDATORS UNCOVERED offers a close-up, fast paced look at the brutal raw nature of the animal kingdom. From deceptively lovable seals to microscopic killer ants, PREDATORS UNCOVERED reveals the importance of being on guard - all the time.

The thrill of pursuit... the exhilaration of the chase... the satisfaction of the kill... it's all here on PREDATORS UNCOVERED. Witness the finesse of hunters and predators as lions, leopards, seals and killer ants stalk their prey and strategise to kill in the name of survival.  To survive in less than welcoming regions, predators must compete for the same resources using every physical and psychological weapon in their arsenals. Witness how the ingenuity and physical abilities of predators have allowed them to reign, despite nature's odds against them.

Who will emerge as top predator? What will it take to survive? Tune in as PREDATORS UNCOVERED reveals a rare glimpse at animal survival through groundbreaking images, riveting story-telling and close-up shots of the predators.

PREDATORS UNCOVERED episode descriptions:

Swamp Cats
This is the extraordinary story of the Swamp Cats of the Okavango in Africa. While their savannah cousins languidly hunt the dry grasslands, the lions, leopards and cheetahs of the Okavango have had to learn to adapt or die. As the annual flood inundates the delta, they are forced to cope with huge expanses of water sweeping across the floodplains, fragmenting their home into dozens of small islands. Swamp Cats follows a lion pride, a cheetah family and a leopard to reveal how each copes with the challenges of this flooded environment.

Killer Ants
There are over 8,000 species of ants that cover the planet. Most are harmless though a few of these species have a brutal violent streak. The Driver Ants of Africa have been said to eat a horse in a day, the Bulldog 'Jumper' Ants of Australia can kill a person with a single sting, and the Army Ants from South and Central America have been credited with wiping out entire ecosystems. What is it in their anatomy, their behaviour and their social lives that makes them such efficient killers? Travel around the world in the search for the most deadly ants on our planet and view these insects from a new and magnificent angle with the filmmaker's secret weapon, Antcam.

Fur Seals: The Dark Side
With their large eyes and soft fur, many people find seals utterly adorable. But what do we really know about this ingenious mammal that skillfully adapts amphibious behaviour and has succeeded in colonising a large part of the world? What have we seen of the self-taught, persistent creature that learns by trial and error and imitates what it sees others do? And what secret predator lies behind the clown mask? Fur Seals: The Dark Side answers these questions and presents another image of the playful seal by revealing its true nature.

Africa's Super Seven
On the northern bank of the Sand River in the Mala-Mala Game Reserve in South Africa live seven magnificent creatures: lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard, hyena and cheetah. Each of these creatures possesses different strengths and seeing them in action is always impressive. Clever, strong, massive, deadly - these seven animals dominate their territory. Tracking them for 24 hours will reveal an extraordinary tale of adventure and never-ending daily drama.