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Venom Uncovered

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Oct 6 at 9:00 pm; North Asia on Oct 1 at 10:00 pm

- Featuring a special line-up of four one-hour programmes -

Animal Planet explores the deadly toxins that some animals secrete as a predatory or survival mechanism in VENOM UNCOVERED. Unlike poisonous animals, venomous creatures use fangs or stingers to inject toxins into their prey to immobilise them, or use their venom defensively against potential predators. With a line-up of four special programmes, VENOM UNCOVERED takes a look at the intriguing ways animals like the octopus, jellyfish, and tarantula use venom, and how dedicated individuals are risking their lives to research and understand the unknown properties of animal venom.

The VENOM UNCOVERED special kicks off with NICK BAKER'S WEIRD CREATURES 2: THE MIMIC OCTOPUS. Found in the tropical waters of Southeast Asia, the Mimic Octopus is a master of disguise and one of the world's most intelligent invertebrate predators. It shifts shape, colour and behaviour to blend into its environment, and can imitate animals that live in its habitat. Follow Nick Baker as he tours the Lembeh Straits of Sulawesi in search of this elusive marine creature, fabled for its ability to transform itself to resemble both venomous and poisonous animals such as the lion fish and the sea snake.

In WILD RECON: BOUNTY HUNTER, animal adventurer Donald Schultz travels to the dense rainforests of exotic Belize on a mission to seek out the endangered howler monkey, but stumbles upon his least favourite creature - the venomous Tarantula spider. In an unusual "milking" procedure, watch how Donald anaesthetizes the spider and administers a tiny electric shock to it before drawing its rare and understudied venom.

Next, KILLER JELLYFISH takes a closer, more scientific look at an unlikely predator that dwells in the warm waters of the world. Thronged with swimmers and divers during the summer, the alarm has been raised at the Great Barrier Reef as the death toll in these inviting waters has been rising. Similar deaths and symptoms from attacks have been reported in Palau, Hawaii, and other areas of the world, and this time, it's not the sharks but a more elusive killer. Scientists investigate various species of jellyfish and their lethal sting on KILLER JELLYFISH.

It has been called the Devil Fish, and for ages, it has been a nightmarish player in ancient myths and Hollywood horror fantasies, stories about a powerful and mysterious creature that surges up from the depths of the sea, disturbingly intelligent animals capable of virtually destroying whole cities. Just what are these legendary sea monsters - are they truly malevolent, or might we have misjudged a creature of rare beauty and astonishing intelligence? DEEP SEA ALIENS takes you into the mysterious world of the octopus to reveal how this eight-armed wonder of the sea uses venom as one of its predatory and defense tactics.