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Venom in Vegas

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Nov 23 at 10:00 pm; North Asia on Nov 21at 11:00 pm; Australasia on Nov 21 at 6:30 pm

- Animal adventurer spends 10 days in a glass box with 100 snakes to raise awareness for global snakebite victims -

Last seen on Animal Planet's WILD RECON, animal adventurer and venom expert Donald Schultz has travelled extensively to collect venom and DNA from rare animals. However this <month>, the adrenaline junkie will face his toughest challenge yet: to spend 10 consecutive days with 100 snakes - many of them deadly - in full view of tourists, fans, and well-wishers at casino haven Las Vegas. Donald will attempt to test the limits of human/serpentine co-habitation at Las Vegas' O'Sheas Casino in the name of snakebite research.

Every year, more than 100,000 snake bite victims die because the anti-venom that could have saved them wasn't available or was in short supply. Donald Schultz is attempting to raise global awareness of the urgent need for anti-venom in developing countries by taking on the dangerous challenge of being confined in a glass box with 100 snakes. Animal Planet's VENOM IN VEGAS follows Donald's dice with death - starting with 50 snakes, with five new snakes added daily until the total count reaches 100.

Donald will take on this challenge in full view of the crowds outside the world-famous O'Sheas Casino. He will eat, drink, and sleep alongside snakes such as pythons, rattlesnakes, and cobras in a custom-designed 16' x 20' glass enclosure, complete with a bed and tiny bathroom. Each day, the jeopardy increases as Donald will not know which species will be introduced until he opens up each double-bagged snake delivery and discovers a potentially deadly new roommate.

Over the 10 days, Donald will do more than just live alongside these snakes. He will attempt to work with them hands-on, extracting venom that will be shipped around the world to aid research for venom variation and potential pharmaceutical use. In addition, Donald will conduct scientific tests to measure the potency of venom, the depth of fang penetration, and the strike range of the world's fastest snakes through the use of high-speed cameras. Working alongside Donald on this personal mission are Dr Jeremy Sabatini, a veterinarian with extensive reptile experience; Dr Sean Bush, envenomation expert and professor of emergency medicine at Loma Linda University; and Dr Bruce Young, associate professor of biology at Washburn University.

While living in the box, Donald may just manage to squeeze in some fun when some famous guests stop by; he even has a specialised "armoured" outfit for visitors who might want to get in the box to experience the company of Donald's fang-baring friends! Catch the excitement on VENOM IN VEGAS, this month on Animal Planet.