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Get Your Face On with Napoleon Perdis

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Feb 3 at 8:30 pm; North Asia on Feb 3 at 8:30 pm; Australasia on Feb 3 at 8:30 pm

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- Internationally renowned makeup artist picks his protégé in new series -

This month, witness creativity at its finest as 12 talented individuals wield their brushes and compete to be the protégé of top Australian makeup artist, Napoleon Perdis on Discovery Home & Health's new series GET YOUR FACE ON WITH NAPOLEAN PERDIS. Who will be able to keep up with Napoleon's demands, and who will be sent home after failing a challenge?

Napoleon Perdis picked up his first brush at the age of 13 to help his glamorous mother primp for a soiree. Since then, the self-taught and gifted makeup artist has dreamt of spreading his makeup mantra, which includes democratising the art of makeup, transforming runway and red carpet trends to reality, and colour-matching for women of all ages and skin tones. And he has found a way to do this, with The Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, where he hopes to inspire a fresh take on beauty training and education.  

In GET YOUR FACE ON WITH NAPOLEAN PERDIS, we see 12 aspiring makeup artists vying for the opportunity of a lifetime - to be Napoleon's protégé. Artists from several different makeup backgrounds will attend Napoleon's Master Class as he attempts to uncover the diamond in the rough. Each class focuses on a particular technique or style, such as retail, bridal, drag, runway, music video, and restorative makeup (for cancer survivors). The students must compete in a pop quiz as well as a test which often takes them into real life situations such as a wedding and a fashion photo shoot. And to make it in this ever-competitive arena, the contestants must not only learn about fashion, retail, and media, but also show discipline, passion, and of course talent.

Just like good makeup, the challenge for the artists is staying power. Each week, someone will be dismissed. There will be tension, tantrums, tears (and soiled mascara) - and the wrath of Napoleon himself - but for one, it will all be worth it. Who will outlast the competition and make it to the end?


Back to Basics
Napoleon Perdis meets 12 aspiring makeup artists competing for the chance to be his protégé. He assesses their skills with a pop quiz that knocks some of the students off their game when they have to do makeup on themselves. And after a lesson about a natural, no-makeup look, the students are faced with their first test. Some show improvement, while others disappoint.

Getting Down to Business
The 11 remaining students begin their second week at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy. This week the students learn the importance of retail in the cosmetics industry. At Napoleon's flagship Hollywood store, the students are split into two teams, and are tested on their makeover and sales skills. When someone arrives late to class, Napoleon puts everyone on warning. Who will be dismissed from class and sent home this week?

Famous Features
This week, the Napoleon Perdis Master Class students learn that media and makeup go hand in hand. Napoleon teaches the students techniques for doing body makeup in preparation for the hardest test yet - recreating a period look for projection in high definition media. The unforgiving nature of high definition affects the students in more ways than one, making for the most dramatic elimination yet.

Kiss and Make-up!
Nine remaining students face their greatest challenge yet when Napoleon decides to send them into a real-life job situation, working as part of his makeup team during an actual wedding. The stakes are high and there is no room for error when the client is a bride and it is one of the most important days in her life. For some of the students this is their time to shine, but for others the challenges of a high-energy day are more than they can handle.

I've Got a Secret
Things heat up in the classroom, when Napoleon challenges his students to take their makeup to new level. The students face their most challenging test yet when professional drag queens are the models and they must perform the biggest transformation. The drag queens take center stage as final judges who decide who will be dismissed.

From Runway to Reality
Six remaining students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills as they create and execute a makeup look for a famous LA based designer's fashion show. In the midst of preparing for the runway, fireworks and tensions flare in the classroom and Napoleon faces his toughest decision.

Saving Face
This week at the Napoleon Perdis Master class the students learn that makeup isn't just about high fashion and makeup for the camera; it is most importantly for the everyday woman. Napoleon teaches the students techniques for working with experienced skin to prepare them for the ultimate test; head to toe restoration makeovers on cancer survivors who will be revealing their new looks for all of their friends and family in the most heartwarming and inspiring class to date.

Priming Your Palette
It is down to the final five students and this week Napoleon raises the bar by testing them on their avant garde makeup skills. This over the top, extreme makeup is about being creative and thinking outside the box. To test their skills, the students are sent to create extreme looks for a rock music video for the Australian band, Porcelain and the inexperience of some of the students puts the whole video at risk.

Napoleon surprises the final four students with a Vogue photo shoot. The students compete for the coveted slot of first assistant and face their most anxiety-producing test yet when they must present their ideas to the editor in chief of Australian Vogue. Sparks fly when a student challenges Napoleon's makeup look and brings the whole shoot to a screeching halt. There is a lot on the line as only three will be selected to move on to the final stage.

The final three students enter their last week at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy. The learning is over and now it is time for them to show Napoleon they have what it takes to be his protégé. Each student will work with a team of stylists to create and direct a photo shoot from start to finish. This is the last chance to prove their skills.