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A frozen blood stain, a dog's hair and a corroded gun - how can these help solve crimes? In today's world of scientific breakthroughs, the laboratory technician is as important as the detective in recreating a crime scene. This February, Discovery Channel's EXTREME FORENSICS reveals why and how today's technology is an important weapon in the modern crime solver's arsenal. EXTREME FORENSICS premieres every Friday at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm SIN/HK), starting February 27. Encores on Saturday at 0500 hrs (5:00 am) and the following Monday at 0500 hrs (5:00 am).

Forensic science is the application of science to the law. Forensic scientists work with detectives to search for and examine physical traces which could help establish an association between a suspect and a crime. Such traces include body fluids, hairs, textile fibres, building materials, and marks. With today's state-of-the-art equipment and methods, sometimes a footprint or fingernail - and many other "everyday" items left behind after the deed - could be all it takes to convict a criminal.

Each episode of EXTREME FORENSICS will explore two cases where cutting-edge science is used to solve bizarre crimes. From a shred of cloth to a used drinking cup, nothing is too small or obscure to escape testing in the forensic laboratories. Every little clue obtained helps piece together the crime jigsaw.

Follow the investigative trail as detectives use EXTREME FORENSICS to solve these complex crimes:

  • Blood Sisters
    During an arson investigation, police discover a large freezer sealed with duct tape. Inside is a dismembered body. Who is it and how did it get there? In the second case, the discovery of massive amounts of blood frozen in snow and a missing young man give detectives a real challenge to work on.
    Premieres on Friday, February 27 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Saturday, February 28 at 0500 hrs (5:00 am) and Monday, March 2 at 0500 hrs (5:00 am).
  • Silent Witness
    Detectives find a gun that they believe was used in a string of murders, but it's badly corroded by salt water. How can they tie it to the crimes? In another case, when a dead man is found, can police determine whether he died of a drug overdose or something more sinister?
    Premieres on Friday, March 6 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Saturday, March 7 at 0500 hrs (5:00 am) and Monday, March 9 at 0500 hrs (5:00 am).
  • Water Weight
    Detectives are investigating the murder of a woman, and their only clue is a single dog hair. How can this lead them to the killer? Police also investigate the case of two children who are murdered and their bodies left outside. They examine everything from plant seeds to bugs in their efforts to solve this heinous crime.
    Premieres on Friday, March 13 at 2300 hrs (11:00 pm). Encores on Saturday, March 14 at 0500 hrs (5:00 am) and Monday, March 16 at 0500 hrs (5:00 am).

Other episode descriptions TBC.