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We're surrounded by a world we take for granted. HOW STUFF WORKS, the TV version of the popular website, showcases the extreme lengths people go to in order to extract ingredients from the earth, such as rubber and cotton, iron and gold, corn and wheat, water and salt. But the real stories are about how these seemingly basic commodities are reengineered into fascinating and unexpected outcomes. Beginning January 30, episodes of Discovery Channel's original series HOW STUFF WORKS premiere every Friday at 2100 hrs (9:00 pm SIN/HK). Episodes encore on Saturday at 0100 hrs (1:00 am) and 1100 hrs (11:00 am); and the following Monday at 1000 hrs (10:00 am).
HOW STUFF WORKS is about the stuff that makes the world go ‘round. Viewers will see the ingenious lengths people go to in order to extract rubber and iron, corn and wheat, and water and salt from the earth. Equally amazing is the number of different and varied products that can be derived from something so fundamental. Who would guess that furniture, diesel additives, crayons, solvents, candles, shampoo and tofu can all be derived from the humble soybean?
Did you know that 99 percent of the world's corn harvest is inedible? That water can cut through steel? That the sides of a beer can are thinner than a human hair? Or that as people search for sustainable energy, salt may one day power our cars and trucks?
Follow the incredible journey of these goods from the ground to your table, car, closet, medicine cabinet and places you may have never imagined.