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It's winter in New England, which means only one thing to the LOBSTERMEN - hunting season! This month, Discovery Channel's seres LOBSTERMEN will take you right to the edge of the Continental Shelf to join five captains and their crews as they risk life and limb in pursuit of the prized Maine lobster.

The offshore lobster fishing fleet is preparing for a rough season on the high seas. Braving one of the most treacherous regions of the open sea, the LOBSTERMEN are in search of New England's great clawed beast: Maine lobster. With resources depleted nearer the coast, these brave and ambitious men must take on the harsh waters of the North Atlantic hundreds of miles out into the open sea, where weather and sea conditions are at their worst. A huge winter storm is brewing, but the lobster fisherman can't wait it out. If they don't get their gear out in time, they risk having thousands of dollars worth of trawls destroyed when the dragger fisherman tow through.

To make matters worse, the Captains across the harbour face some of their most difficult challenges of the season at the worst time possible. With temperatures at an all-time low and stakes running high, the traditional fisherman must outlast savvy entrepreneurs in a gruelling fight to claim what has been theirs for generations. 

In addition to all this, the crews must put up with their Captains who each face challenges of their own. Captain Keith Chasse battles to navigate his rundown vessel, Captain Bligh, through impossible seas; veteran Captain Grant Moore worries about the safety of his young son who is learning the ropes; the steady, weather-beaten Captain Norbert Stamps must watch his temper which turns into rage when he is crossed; Captain Tim Handrigan struggles at the helm of the seemingly cursed Courtney Elizabeth; and then there is Captain Joel Hovanesian, a 'dragger' who fuels tensions and animosity among the LOBSTERMEN.

Experience the exhilaration of a successful haul, the danger of raging storms, and the mounting tension as dramas unfold on the high seas, in the following episodes of LOBSTERMEN.

Land of the Giants
Over on the dragger boat Excalibur, Captain Joel Hovanesian is the lobstermen's sworn enemy and is often found untangling lobster gear from his net. Captain Keith Chasse, the youngest captain in the fleet, is pointing the Captain Bligh towards the storm, while more seasoned veterans Captain Norbert Stamps and Captain Tim Handrigan decide to wait out the storm on the dock. Meanwhile, Captain Grant Moore heads into the heart of Georgia's Bank. 

The Draggers are Coming
Young Captain Keith Chasse pushes his luck too far and a seven-story high stack of pots almost crushes a crewmember. A more cautious Captain Stamps heads in when the weather turns vicious, but he leaves trawls behind in the dangerous path of the draggers. Captain Tim Handrigan's progress is stopped at every turn by failing equipment and severed trawls. Only Captain Grant Moore scores a great catch, fishing away from the draggers on Georgia's Bank. Captain Joel Hovanesian is furious that he still can't fish in the fertile lobster grounds as fate tempts at the edge of a restricted area.

Cat and Mouse Game
During and overnight haul, Captain Tim Handrigan gets his gear tangled up with another lobsterman's gear and causes catastrophic damage to the boat's engine. Captain Keith Chasse has the Captain Bligh steaming for home with a meager catch. Captain Norbert Stamps is at sea racing to save gear that was left in the draggers path because of a storm. Also out at sea, Captain Grant Moore watches as his son John fishes with the crew in a storm. And finally, Captain Joel Hovensian is thrilled that he finally gets access to the lucrative lobster grounds, but gets stonewalled from fishing at every turn.

Breaking Point
Traps fly and tempers flare when the Direction is hit by a rogue wave and a crewmember is sent off deck. The Courtney Elizabeth has a new crew, but when one deckhand's mistake threatens the life of another, Captain Tim Handrigan reaches breaking point. Captain Norbert Stamps suspects his trawls have been sabotaged and the appearance of a rogue lobsterman has him preparing for war. Finally back at sea after dealing with a mutinous crew, Captain Keith Chasse is under pressure to make up for lost time. Meanwhile, Captain Joel finally has a net full of fish, but changing regulations bring about bad news.

Here Come the Crabs
The lobsters are on the move as colder weather approaches and making crabs a much more likely catch. Captain Tim Handrigan an uphill battle with an unruly deckhand, Captain Grant Moore hands over control of his boat and Captain Keith Chasse gambles with old bait.

Storm of the Season
The lobstermen battle Mother Nature's fury as the biggest storm of the season hits. Captain Norbert Stamps is jolted awake by an overnight emergency, Captain Keith Chasse struggles to bring in any sort of catch and the storm wreaks havoc on the Courtney Elizabeth.

The Sea Hath No King
The Captain Bligh invades another boat's territory, threatening war between rivaling boats. Captain Joel Hovanesian faces a power outage and Captain Tim Handrigan struggles with life as a lobsterman.

A Captain for All Seasons
As lobster season draws to a close, Captain Joel Hovanesian hits the jackpot while Captain Norbert Stamps and Captain Tim Handrigan both face important decisions.