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Mighty Ships

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Oct 16 at 6:00 pm; Australasia on Oct 16 at 3:00 pm

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Climb aboard with Discovery HD and learn about the inner workings of some of the world's most sophisticated vessels in brand new series MIGHTY SHIPS - from the mechanics of modern sea-faring to the human dramas on board. Whether it's cargo container ships, ice-breakers, or livestock carriers, MIGHTY SHIPS is as much about what happens inside the ship as the journey each vessel makes.

Shot entirely in HD, MIGHTY SHIPS features 5.1 surround sound and stunning visuals from aboard these vessels. With unprecedented access to everything above and below deck, MIGHTY SHIPS explores the mechanics of the actual ships. Witness the operations of the underwater mining vessel MV Peace in Africa, or sail along with the MV Fairplayer on her maiden mission from Italy to Texas. The series also reveals the intricate relationships of those aboard, such as the crew and staff who navigate these ships. Find out what makes their jobs so unique - and often, very challenging.

MIGHTY SHIPS episode descriptions:

MV Fairplayer
If there's a muscleman among ships, its name is MV Fairplayer. MV Fairplayer is the latest, biggest and strongest in a new class of heavy-lift mega-ships built to transport supersized equipment. It's a high-risk event as MV Fairplayer loads up for her maiden mission, carrying enormous oil refinery machinery from Italy to a hurricane-ravaged port in Texas. The risks are high and a small family-owned Dutch shipping company Jumbo is staking its reputation on a safe - and successful - voyage for the world's strongest heavy-lift transport ship.

HDMS Absalon
HDMS Absalon, one of the most modern warships in the world, has set sail to stop modern-day pirates off the coast of Somalia. Modern-day pirates have been terrorizing the waters off Somalia, capturing ships and taking hostages at gunpoint with increasing frequency. Brand-new and state-of-the-art, HDMS Absalon has set sail to stop them as she patrols the Gulf of Aden with the Combined Task Force of allied nations - CTF 150 - hunting pirates, terrorists and drug runners.

USS Nimitz
USS Nimitz is the biggest, meanest and most lethal weapon in the arsenal of a global power. The USS Nimitz, like the whole US Navy, has to be ready for any mission, anywhere in the world. Everyone on board trains some more as they get ready for deployment to the war in Afghanistan. Behold the mighty ship, where the crew lives tucked away like rabbits in a warren, supported by the infrastructure of a small city; her impressive weaponry, led by the F-18 Super Hornets; and taste the pressure as the tension builds toward deployment.

In a country whose economy is almost 100% based on fishing, Akamalik, the high-tech star of Royal Greenland's trawler fleet, plays a critical role. Akamalik is a floating, ultra-modern processing plant and a rugged shrimp boat, all-in-one sleek package. Sailing the dangerous, ice-choked sea around Greenland, Akamalik is equipped with highly sophisticated radar, scanned continuously, to help her avoid rough seas and icebergs that could sink her. In freezing January, the stakes are high as the lives of the crew are at risk in the treacherous environment of frozen, slippery decks, ice-coated equipment, and dangerous seas.

MV Resolution
Meet MV Resolution, the world's first self-elevating ship purpose-built solely to build wind farms in the middle of the ocean. When it's built, the UK is counting on this wind farm to power 120,000 homes, but construction is behind schedule. Standing stable in impossible sea conditions, MV Resolution wields her brand new 130 ton hydraulic hydrohammer like the Hammer of Thor, to pound 50-metre tall turbine foundations into the seabed. With winter winds and waves looming, MV Resolution is under the gun to finish the job fast.

MV Peace in Africa
Just off the coast of South Africa, a futuristic remote crawler and the world's biggest underwater mining vessel, MV Peace in Africa, creeps along the ocean floor. Its high tech nozzle sucks up seabed gravel that's full of diamonds, and hoovers them up to the mother ship on the surface. Watch how diamonds are hunted, piped to the ship above, and processed in a complex on-board plant, in a high security environment that includes 200 surveillance cameras.