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Matt Kearney

Hometown: Hingham, Massachusetts
Birthdate: July 1970
Degrees: B.A. in English, Boston College
Notable Facts: Won Emmy for developing "SwingVision" for CBS Sports in 2005
Random Fact: His high-school vocational questionnaire yielded only one possible profession: game-show host

Matt Kearney can sum up his career in four words: "I like to watch." That may sound a little creepy, but as vice president of Tech Imaging Services, Matt is one of America's leading experts in digital high-speed imaging, capturing video used in motion pictures, commercials, live televised sports and TV shows, such as CSI and Numb3rs.

Over his 10-year digital-imaging career, Matt has filmed everything from car-crash tests and candy manufacturing to space-shuttle launches and just about every major sport, including ultimate fighting. In 2005, Matt's contributions to the field of high-speed imaging earned a special Emmy Award for outstanding innovative technical achievement when CBS won for an innovation known as SwingVision. SwingVision is the technology developed by Tech Imaging using high-speed cameras that shoot images at more than 15,000 frames per second, allowing viewers to see super slow motion shots of golfers' swings and the compression of the ball when it is hit by the club.

With such achievements under his belt, Matt was originally the behind-the-scenes technical genius responsible for TIME WARP’s ultra high-speed sequences. But while filming the pilot, he willingly jumped on a table to lap water like a Labrador, and the rest is history. Now Matt is having a blast in front of as well as behind TIME WARP's cameras, adding the quick-thinking skills he developed long ago as part of Boston College's improvisational comedy troupe My Mother's Fleabag.

When he's not on location, Matt writes, takes pictures, shares his expertise with the aspiring digital artists, engineers and filmmakers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Professional Institute, and hangs out with his wife, Jill, and their three children, Mackenzie, Sammy and Casey.