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King of the Crown

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Oct 2 at 10:00 pm; North Asia on Sept 6 at 9:00 pm

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TLC shows you what goes on behind the curtains in the world of competitive beauty pageants. Witness Cyrus "Cy" Frakes and his team at work, as they help clients with everything from their walk and talk to their dresses and tresses. More than just perfecting the hand wave or flick of the hair, find out if these girls have what it takes to be a queen on KING OF THE CROWN.

KING OF THE CROWN follows beauty pageant expert Cyrus "Cy" Frakes and his staff at pageant training business Gowns and Crowns, as they navigate through the hilarious and heartwarming world of pageant coaching. In every episode, Cy and his staff take a new client through a local pageant as well as showcase previous titleholders as they perfect their winning techniques. With over 20 years' experience in the business, Cy is a genuine king of queens. Cy has transformed even the plainest Janes into award-winning pageant stars. From Miss Teen to Miss World, Cy along with his Gowns and Crowns team, has helped clients win over 1,000 titles.

Cy is supported by a team who loves him as much as he loves pageants. There is Shane, the interview coach, who puts up with Cy's mood swings and technology deficiencies; Kyle, Cy's self-appointed coordinator, who has a flair for fashion along with a true passion for the beauty business; and finally, pageant instructor, Amanda, Cy's true story of a girl who has gone from simple to simply stunning.

Watch as Cy and team take these young girls through the paces in the following episodes of KING OF THE CROWN:

The Southern Belle vs. The Bombshell 
Mae Anne is the wholesome girl next door while Margaret Ann is the sexy girl you wish you lived next door to. Get ready for a Southern Belle vs. Bombshell showdown as only one of them has what it takes to be crowned 'The Peanut Queen'!

Once a Beauty Queen, Always a Beauty Queen
Sydney Lifchez is charming but lives in the shadow of her stepmother, Donna - a former Miss South Carolina pageant winner. No matter what Sydney does, she can never quite live up to Donna's former glory. It is up to Cy to lead Sydney to success and more importantly, independence.

He was Outta Here Faster Than a First Runner Up 
Jahira is a 12 year-old from a military family, hoping to be a pageant queen one day. When her mom announces that she is being deployed to Iraq for a one year tour, Cy recruits Jahira's step-dad to learn the duties of a "pageant-mom" so that Jahira can continue doing pageants.

Her Hair Weighed 200 lbs 
Stella is a 19 year-old pageant contestant with a killer swimsuit body. When Stella decides to risk her pageant career by getting a tattoo, Cy must find a way to change her mind. Also, Cy pulls one lucky girl out of the crowd for a "Cinderella" makeover.  

I Like Big Crowns and I Cannot Lie
One of Cy's biggest success stories, Amanda decides to make her return to pageant competitions. If she does not do well, it could tarnish Cy's reputation as a pageant coach as well as the reputation of Gowns and Crowns. As Cy and his team prepare Amanda for her grand return, they must also prepare their newest client for her first competition.

Battle of the Blondes 
Kaleigh Hill and her overbearing momager, Leslie are back to prepare for a national pageant in Myrtle Beach. Kaleigh is up against tall and glamorous Jordan Dawkins, and both go toe-to-toe at the national pageant in Myrtle Beach, where it becomes the ultimate battle of the blondes

The Family that Pageants Together, Stays Together 
It is a HUGE week for Gowns and Crowns. After entering the Chapin Labor Day Parade, Cy and the gang don patriotic red, white and blue costumes in an attempt to create the greatest float in Chapin history. Meanwhile, Cy must get the Fox sisters to focus on winning the crown without killing each other!

The Curse of the First Runner Up
Courtney gets First Runner Up at every pageant; she is frustrated and ready to quit doing pageants if Cy cannot help her win at her next competition, the Carolina Carillon. Cy vows to pull out every trick in his arsenal, hoping that she will finally win a crown.

She's a Pageant Junkie
This week, Cyrus and the gang race against the clock to get two girls ready for the Miss Southern Star Pageant. The stakes could not be higher as this pageant requires each contestant to have a unique talent.

She's a Diamond in the Rough
Melanie is Cy's latest discovery. With only one pageant to her credit and no awards, he puts all of his coaching experience to the test as Melanie competes for the crown in her second pageant against the wishes of her dad, who is a minister.

Barbie on a Budget 
Cy and the gang have two clients getting ready for the National American Teenager Pageant. Maggie is a working college student with little money and a disastrous wardrobe, while Bethannie is a veteran who seems to get left out of the winner's circle.

Torn Between Two Worlds 
As a NCAA softball superstar, Lauren walks, talks, throws and spits like a jock, but she is also a pageant champion. When Lauren has to pitch in the big game on the same day as a major pageant, Cy and his team must race against the clock to get her ready.