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LA Ink 3

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Feb 21 at 11:00 pm; North Asia on Feb 20 at 1:00 am; Australasia on Feb 7 at 8:30 pm

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- With tattooists Hannah and Kim gone, will Kat be able to cope, and will LA INK ever be the same? -

Kat finally returns to Los Angeles after being away for months on her book tour - the longest she's been away from LA INK. This season sees Kat facing the challenges of replacing her top artists, and keeping the peace while running a business. She is also forced to go against her policy of only hiring people she knows. Can Kat keep the old guard and new additions happy?

Kat Von D is still in business at LA INK and the shop is more successful than ever - and even busier now that Hannah and Kim are gone. Joining the team are tattooists Amy Nicoletto from New Jersey and Paulie Ruffalo from Brooklyn, and receptionist Aubry Fisher. Meanwhile, Kat's friend Dan Smith, a tattoo artist from New Zealand, comes back from touring with his band and lends a helping hand though his no-nonsense demeanor results in some friction with the newcomers.

Will Amy and Paulie be able to cut it at LA INK, or will their distinctively East Coast style and personalities cause too much conflict? And where will the fun-loving new receptionist Aubry Fisher stand with Kat and the rest of the crew?

LA INK episode descriptions:

Kat's Back
Kat returns to LA after her book tour, and business is booming. Michael, Kat's brother, steps up to help - with potentially disastrous results. Corey gives Nicole a sassy nautical pinup girl that celebrates her life as a female Captain. Rick brings his son into the shop for a black and grey portrait from Kat. BMX photographer Jeremy asks Corey for a freehand piece on his ribs and Kat's friend Revecka stops by for a one-of-a-kind Sacred Heart locket.

Stranger in My Shop
The shop is slammed so Kat goes against her policy of only hiring people she knows, bringing in Amy as a possible new tattoo artist. While Aubrey does her best to learn the ropes, Amy tries to prove herself. Corey creates two amazing freehand tattoos: one for Michael, who gets three songbirds against a harvest moon, and one for Cece, who gets a wish box with twenty five stars exploding out. Kat inks two incredible memorial portraits: one of Matthew's father, who perished in a plane crash and the other of Dominic's dad, who died when he was only five.

Kat Bares it All
Things are rocky at the shop but that's not going to slow Kat down. She's on a whirlwind tour to NYC promoting her new cosmetic line. She's also ramping up for a photo shoot that will leave her totally tattoo-less! Back home, Amy is under the microscope. She's worried about her future at the shop and has some hard decisions to make. Meantime, Aubrey tries to step up but continues to prove she's not up to shop management potential.   

Aubry Tries to Help
Tempers flare at the shop when Aubrey tries to get everyone to like her. She surprises the team with a giant Bouncy House but is quickly deflated by their lackluster reactions. She's determined to win them over, but forgets her place when she invites a guy at a bar to stop by the shop for a job interview. It's a busy week of tattoos and the crew isn't in the mood for Aubrey's annoying antics.

Tick, Tock, Biological Clock
Kat tries to steam things up by setting Aubry up on a blind date. The date takes a turn when Aubry reveals that she's looking to start a family. Paulie finds a place to stay, but he's quickly wearing out his welcome. Corey inks Alayna with her own art. Paulie's crowing achievement is to give Troy a tribute to his dad. After an animal communicator gives Kat a message from Ludwig, Kat helps Alex pay respects to his own furry hero.

While Kat's Away, Aubry Will Play
When Kat finds out she must travel to New York City to help promote her new fragrance line, she stresses over how the shop will run without her. Meanwhile, Aubry's antics wear Adrienne down as the work piles up. And returning tattoo artist, Dan Smith, isn't at all impressed by the new team members - especially after a flirtatious welcome from Aubry rubs him the wrong way. Corey tries to stay out of the turmoil but the tension between Adrienne and Aubry finally erupts, it becomes clear that something in the shop will have to change.

Feelings Rule
Kat is thrilled to learn that her publishers want a second book but it means going deep into her journals where she has recorded her intimate memories of clients. Fortunately, trusted pal Adrienne is there to help her transcribe, but the book opens a floodgate for Kat. Paulie pressures Aubry for more work, but can't get much traction as low man on the totem pole. Aubry is preoccupied with getting a tattoo leading to a big blow-up with Paulie when she makes her decision. Meanwhile, Corey inks three lilies on Melina as a tribute to the three Lily's in her life - her mom, grandmother and sister.

Tramp Stamp of Approval
Kat worries that Aubry is getting tattooed for the wrong reasons, and Corey and Dan echo her concern. Aubry's wanted a tattoo for a long time but since she's now surrounded by world-famous tattoo artists she figures it's now or never. Aubry can't help but think that getting tattooed by one of the artists at the shop might change the way they perceive her - maybe she can finally get some respect. In the meantime, Aubry and Paulie reconcile after their big blow up and Paulie pleads with Aubry to get him more work.

Sobriety & Sisterhood
Kat has been sober for two years and the shop is planning a surprise for her. Aubry tells the shop that she's going to be performing stand up comedy and she asks her co-workers at LA Ink to attend her show. To encourage them to come, she practices some of her jokes on them but doesn't get the response she's looking for. When he learns he has to cut his seven year old son's hair Corey recruits Dan and the two of them try to apply their artistic talents to hair styling.  

Outside Interests
Kat is caught off guard when Dan reminds her that he's taking time off from the shop to record some songs with his band. Aubry continues to wear on everyone's nerves by constantly asking about getting work for Paulie, and Corey gets the opportunity to tattoo a rock and roll drumming legend. In an LA INK first, Kat and Corey team up to ink a young couple who would both like to get a memorial tattoo of their infant son. Meanwhile, Paulie's frustration with not getting any work at High Voltage builds to a head, leading to a heated confrontation.

Blonde Ambition
After a moving experience at a concert by one of her musical idols - singer-songwriter Johnette Napolitano - Kat decides to get a tattoo of Johnette to celebrate her new positive energy. Dan volunteers to do it, but he's nervous about tattooing his boss. Kat also dyes her hair blonde, as part of her newfound happiness. But the other blonde in the shop, Aubry, begins to threaten her new outlook. Aubry plays hooky to hang out with former shop employees Amy and Paulie - setting up a showdown between Aubry and Kat, and forcing Kat to make a final decision about Aubry's job at LA Ink.

Future episodes TBC.