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Mission Menu

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Mission Menu is a real life doc series that follows three accomplished Executive Chefs as they combine their skills to makeover menus for restaurants in and around New York City. Whether the fare is French, Thai or a fusion of the two, chefs G, Ricardo and Diane are capable of combining flavors and ingredients to create culinary artistry.

As a result of this rare expertise, restaurant owners of all varieties turn to the chefs to overhaul their menus and save their businesses. 

When a call comes in, the Mission Menu crew goes straight to work because in many cases there is no time to spare.  The team meets with the owner of the struggling restaurant to identify problem areas, consults with experts both locally and internationally and takes that knowledge into their test kitchen where they design a new menu for success. 

The Misson Menu team is passionate about cuisine, passionate about helping struggling restaurants and will stop at nothing to find new ways to construct a successful menu for their client.