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Sea Nation

Premieres: Southeast Asia on Sept 10 at 9:00 pm; North Asia on Sept 7 at 9:00 pm; Australasia on Sept 2 at 8:30 pm


With a love for venturing into the great unknown, Megan McCormick believes the road less-travelled is a lot of fun, but taking any path to a new destination will do just fine. In Discovery Travel & Living's brand new series SEA NATION,  seasoned traveller Megan, her family, as well as close friend Shannon and her family, uproot themselves from New York City to live on the sea, exploring the harsh realities, obstacles, and beautiful rewards of taking a leap into the unfamiliar. Filmed over six months, on eight boats and across 25 islands, join them as they set sail on an adventure filled with hope and more often than not, anxiety, on SEA NATION

Be it owning a luxury speedier or pursuing a dream career, at some point in life, almost everyone would be tempted to try something life-changing. Megan, her close friend Shannon (who has been touted "mastermind of the madness") and their families are doing just that - hitchhiking by sea on everything from primitive wooden sloops to multi-million-dollar meg a-yachts, visiting over 20 Caribbean islands, and meeting everyone from humble but happy fishermen to Sir Richard Branson.

Take a voyage with Megan and gang on this personal journey that will forever change their perspectives on travel, adventure and life. From making their way through the dense jungle of Dominica to lunching with a billionaire on his private island to witnessing life's starker realities in Haiti, watch the intrepid families dive headfirst into these great adventures on SEA NATION.

SEA NATION episode descriptions:

Clear the Space
Leaving New York City behind, Megan and her family pack their belongings and head to the Caribbean to join the rest of the crew and their Captain, Diego, on his boat, Mangusta. St. Lucia, with its vibrant markets and lively people, welcomes them before they head further south to St. Vincent where they explore Spring Village and mingle with the locals. She then heads to Mayreux and finally onto the Tobago Keys, a picture-perfect Caribbean destination.

Life is What Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans
Bequia is one of the least-touristy islands in the Caribbean and a perfect haven for sailors.  Famous for being one of the last places where whaling is permitted in the world, Megan sets out to meet the locals and finds out more about this ancient practice. The weather forces a longer stay which provides Megan with some unexpected shopping opportunities and a glimpse into one of the most extraordinary homes in the world.

Dominica Detox
Dominica has anointed itself as "The Nature Island" - and with good reason. From lush rain forests and endless waterfalls, Dominica offers the cleanest air and freshest perspective on living a stress-free life naturally. Its population has the highest longevity in the Western hemisphere and the island imparts its secrets to the fountain of youth.

Up a River Without a Paddle
Due to unseasonably strong winds and damages to the boat, Megan and crew are forced to make a stop at popular travel destination, St. Martin. There, Megan explores one of the island's last untouched areas, eco-resort Loterie Farm and after grooving at a carnival street party, she heads to the island dump to explore the alternative side of recycling and eco-friendly materials.  While their boat undergoes repairs, Megan hops on a ferry ride to St. Barth, where she explores what life is like for the rich and fabulous. 

Anybody Got a Boat?
Left high and dry in the middle of the Caribbean without a boat, Megan continues on, resolute in her commitment to finish what she has begun. She travels to Anguilla for the annual Anguilla Regatta. With that comes a little Sea Nation-style networking, which involves a Greek, three knights and a former Prime Minister. The community rallies behind them, and she finds a new Captain and a boat! 

When Fates Collide
After hitchhiking to St. Thomas on a multi-million-dollar mega-yacht, Megan decides to take a little R&R in a super luxe resort. After which, she then heads to neighboring St. John to explore the laidback island before meeting a National Park Service scientist and the head of Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station (VIERS).  Megan returns to St. Thomas to find a local sailor who gambles on the adventure, and brings her and the rest of the crew onboard his boat. Hallelujah and pass the (freshly-caught) lobster omelet!

You Can Run But You Can't Hide
With the wind back in the sails and Captain Billy behind the wheel, Megan explores the famous British Virgin Islands, complete with Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta in Jost Van Dyke and the last batch of hardcore sailors left in the region. At Foxy's, she races on the world-famous Wild Horses racing yacht and then heads to Tortola to meet regional legend, Aragorn, at his beachside artists' commune. All this travelling can make a girl hungry, so she decides to stop for breakfast with Sir Richard Branson on his private Necker Island.

Blood, Sweat and Flamingos
Having compared turquoise waters in over 15 islands, Megan is on a mission to find a mission. From beholding the natural wonder of the Baths of Virgin Gorda to flamingo-stalking on Anegada back to the tropical enclaves of Culebra, Megan is determined to add another dimension to her journey. She ends up finding inspiration where she least expects it.

There's No Place Like Home?
With its combination of Caribbean history, Spanish influence and US government ties, Puerto Rico is a place that feels both familiar and foreign. There, Megan takes in the stunning scenery; and heads to Arecibo Observatory, home of the world's largest radio telescope where she names an asteroid and asks an alien expert the question we all want to know: Is there anyone else out there?  Megan then continues to the Dominican Republic in search of a mode of transport where she meets a character who comes to define the last chapter of SEA NATION.

A Man on a Mission
Filmed only six months before the earthquake that devastated Haiti, Megan witnesses how challenging life is on Ile a Vache, an island with no electricity, cars or roads. She meets Michael Beans, a self-proclaimed former zombie turned missionary, who strives to meet the needs of these resilient and inspiring people. 

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
After six months, eight boats, 25 islands and endless moments of inspiration, Megan realises it is time to head home. She travels to the Bahamas for one last big sail and heads up the east coast and joins Chesapeake Bay's 21st Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta. After an exciting race, she makes a detour in Washington, DC to have an important discussion with a dedicated lobbyist about ocean conservation before arriving to New York City harbour on the fourth of July, welcomed home by the Statue of Liberty and fireworks.