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Chop Shop 2

Premieres Jan 29 at 9:30 pm

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Designer Leepu Awlia - Bangladesh's answer to Enzo Ferrari - and his cockney partner and master mechanic Bernie Fineman, re-open their garage for a brand new season of CHOP SHOPon Discovery Turbo. In the latest season, the panel-beating specialists up the ante as they undertake five special commissions for some of the best-known faces in British entertainment and sport. Watch Leepu and Bernie work their magic and turn mundane motors into dream machines on CHOP SHOP.

Leepu is a legend in terms of car design, having developed his maverick approach over the past 25 years. His vision is second to none as he hand crafts designs using just the raw materials - and absolutely no kit parts. Bernie, assisted by a team of mechanics, is in charge of the inner workings of the modified car creations - making sure the engine runs like a dream and the vehicle packs a punch. Together, this top team produce tuned-up beauties that everyone wants to take for a spin.

Leepu and Bernie are putting their reputations on the line this season by guaranteeing that they can create five more masterpiece motors. Their challenge is to produce cars to rival any forecourt mean machine, working within tight budgets and sticking to the bespoke requirements of each celebrity. Can their masterpieces match the egos of their superstar clients? Among those entrusting their boyhood dream machines to the CHOP SHOP guys' creative genius are pop-legend-turned-actor Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet, rugby legend Laurence Dallaglio, actor and comedian Johnny Vegas, music maestro Jools Holland and former Spurs and France football hero David Ginola.

Martin Kemp is first to witness the CHOP SHOP treatment at the garage in London's East End. Leepu and Bernie work to transform a scrapped Saab 900 Turbo into a turbo-charged gangster racing machine. Next in the driving seat is Laurence Dallaglio who receives a bespoke muscle car out of an old Ford Capri. Jools Holland has a strict design brief as he asks them to recreate the Classic Jet 1 - a Rover gas turbine concept car from the 1950s. For Johnny Vegas, Leepu and Bernie aim to create a faster version of his beloved VW Golf. Meanwhile, David Ginola is hoping for a super-fast, super-slick, high-end sports car.

The CHOP SHOP team are raring to go! Tune in to find out if they will be able to deliver on their promise.

CHOP SHOP 2 episode descriptions:

Episode 1: Saab 900 Turbo with Martin Kemp
Leepu and Bernie are back for more CHOP SHOP action! They have upped their game and are trying to launch a business-making modified supercars for superstars. Bernie's natural talent for schmoozing has attracted pop legend and hardman actor Martin Kemp as their first client who wants to modify a scrapped Saab 900 Turbo to a tuned up gangster supercar. After a slow start, will this first customised car for a star even get beyond the design phase? Will its turbo charged engine survive at race speed and will they retain their first celebrity client?

Episode 2: Saab 900 Turbo with Martin Kemp
Having dragged Martin to a road test at Santa Pod Raceway when the custom car wasn't ready, Martin soon discovered that the car wasn't just unfinished - it was unsafe! Now CHOP SHOP's task is clear. They must make the car safe but beautiful, and get Martin back on side for the reveal at a British GT event at Rockingham race track - all in just three weeks' time.

Episode 3: Ford Capri with Lawrence Dallaglio
Cockney Bernie, Bangladeshi Leepu and their trusty team of mechanics and bodyworkers win a commission to build a modified muscle car for retiring rugby union superstar Wasps player Lawrence Dallaglio. They start with the empty shell of a 20-year-old Ford Capri, and try to triple its power by custom fitting a powerful 3.5 litre V8 engine. At times the task of creating a fast, tuned custom car with the CHOP SHOP touch seems insurmountable.

Episode 4: Ford Capri with Lawrence Dallaglio
Half-way through the job, the team experiences a few teething problems with Lawrence Dallaglio's Muscle Car. Up against the clock, mechanical gremlins, and self-inflicted problems, will they survive the scrum when they present the modified fast car to the big man himself after his final game?

Episode 5: Rover Concept with Jools Holland
The Chop Shop team has been commissioned to buld a car for musician and TV personality Jools Holland, who has asked CHOP SHOPto work their modified car magic and make him a custom recreation of the classic Jet 1, a Rover Car Company gas turbine concept car that achieved a record breaking 152mph. Will Leepu's artistic integrity survive working to such a strict design brief? And can the team cope with grafting together a 50-year-old Rover 80 body shell and chassis, 60-year-old body Rover 75 body panels, with a 30-year-old Jaguar XJ6 4.2 litre engine and suspension?

Episode 6: Rover Concept with Jools Holland
There's still a long way to go until Jools' car is ready to drive, let alone look like the Jet 1. The CHOP SHOP crew is going to have to go the extra mile to finish the car on time. Having just made a visit to the father of the Jet 1, Spencer King, who pointed out an important design fault, the safety of Chop Shop 's Jet 1 hangs in the balance. Adding extra strain to already tight deadlines, Bernie finds out that the days of CHOP SHOP could be over! Will CHOP SHOP ever finish this cover version?

Episode 7: VW Golf with Johnny Vegas
Leepu and Bernie have to build a car to match the bizzare desires of comedian Johnny Vegas. He wants a mobile volcano in which he can play batman to solve all the world's ills and which will make him feel as if he's sitting on his gran's lap after she's eaten nine chilli peppers. Other than that, it's got to be a classic-shaped Volkswagen Golf - albeit an uber-powerful four wheel drive. CHOP SHOP mechanics and panel beaters, Julian, Lee and Shaun embrace the project with wild optimism.

Episode 8: VW Golf with Johnny Vegas
With only a week left to work on the car, Leepu has yet to touch it. There's a snag - the Impreza they've chosen has been in a major car crash and it's the most mangled donor car they've ever bought. Have the team finally bitten off more than they can chew? The car only cost £700 but will all its bits work once they're extricated from the wreck? Will the boys be able to fit the powerful four wheel drive Subaru parts into the modest front wheel drive chassis of a VW Golf?

Episode 9: Porsche 944 with David Ginola
Legendary French footballer and model, David Ginola, invites Bernie to the South of France and asks him to build a car inspired by the iconic American cruiser, the Chevrolet Camaro SS. Unfortunately, Leepu doesn't wait for Bernie to return to get the full brief and goes off on a Ferrari-inspired tangent, blowing over two thousand pounds of Bernie's precious cash on a roadworthy Porsche as a donor car. Confused? Not as much as Leepu is as he tries to blend the two designs into one.

Episode 10: Porsche 944 with David Ginola
In this final episode it's the moment of truth for David Ginola as his brand new car is revealed to him. But with challenges behind them, is it the dream car he was hoping for?