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Max's Big Tracks

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In each programme Max sets off on a challenging track through the wilderness in search of a beast; from the elusive jaguar and man-eating tigers to polar bears and the world's rarest elephant. In each case the track poses a genuine challenge to Max and he will need to draw upon all his tracking and survival skills to deliver the goods. ‘Max's Big Tracks' Incorporates local superstitions, survival bush craft and Max's expert tracking abilities; each programme visits the diverse habitat of one of our planet's most intriguing beasts. Covering a range of terrains and climates, Max's skills are tested to their limits. The series visits a variety of awe inspiring locations; From the banks of a Brazilian waterfall to the vast expanses of the Inuit Arctic. ‘Max's Big Tracks' delivers fascinating insights into animal behaviour, as the Animal Planet cameras follow the intrepid Max through these breathtaking journeys.