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Two Weeks in Hell

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‘Two Weeks In Hell’ offers a unique insight into how candidates are selected to start U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret training. Hopefuls, both military and civilian, endure 14 days of training which just 40% will survive.  The course has one aim – to find those who have the physical and emotional ability to become Green Berets. The selectors know exactly what they are looking for, and while everything the candidates are asked to do has a reason, it is like no other selection process in the world. This brutal test is designed to discover whether the men have the ability to rely on creative, innovative, and stealth tactics to destabilize an enemy from within – the speciality of the Green Berets who are experts in guerrilla warfare, sabotage, and subversion.  ‘Two Weeks In Hell’ profiles how Special Forces identify those who can match this profile.