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Ultimate Survival 3

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Adventurer Bear Grylls uses his military training and daring spirit to demonstrate survival skills in extreme terrain and weather conditions. In the third series of ‘Ultimate Survival', he leads viewers through the Baja Peninsula located in the desert of Mexico, Louisiana, USA's hurricane-ravaged swamps, sea cliffs in the west coast of Ireland, then onto the Black Hills, the Great Plains and the inhospitable Badlands in South Dakota, USA and the frozen glacial wastelands of Yukon, North America, sharing invaluable survival strategies all along the way. Throughout the season, Bear braves alligator-infested swamps, scales thousand-foot high mountains and scavenges for raw insects, rodents and deadly snakes. As ever, Bear is accompanied by his intrepid camera crew, who also risk their lives to capture every moment of his adventures on camera. It's a roller coaster ride full of hardships and triumphs, pain and joy as Bear takes on the wilderness again.